Monday, April 21, 2014

Portrait Paintings

A girl ... - art by Anne Vis
A Girl ...
In the course of the years once in a while the topic of portraits comes up. I am one of those artists who is all over the place and it seems to be very difficult for my creativity to stick to one topic for a while.
A couple of years ago I redid a vintage painting (blogpost), creating a new lady from an existing portrait.
Portrait of a Lady - art by Anne Vis
Portrait of a Lady

This time I have a "fresh" girl, as you can see in the top image, created from scratch. I am still working on finding the right brushes in Photoshop, but you can see it is a difference with the vintage girl. This is self-taught, so you can judge for yourself how I am doing so far :-)
Every portrait has an expression and whereas the vintage lady looks happy, the young "new girl" has a bit of a naughty look in her eyes ...

So I wonder what you make of this one (my very latest): Horses ... - art by Anne Vis
Horses ...

I find it interesting how different each horse is ... in that respect there is a similarity in painting humans and animals ...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A room with a view

An Ocean Away ... - art by Anne Vis
An Ocean Away ...
One of the advantages of art is that it gives you a view of a different reality. I was lately inspired by a French window shutter and decided to create a "room with a view". After all, there is a relationship between the window (eye) through which we are looking at the world and how we perceive what may or may not be "reality".
I did not set out to create a series of "rooms with a view", but apparently that is what happened and I would like to showcase several of them here, as it is nice to see them together and see how by changing just a few elements, the entire atmosphere changes. Thus you can also change your interior design and it will affect how you feel and how you look out of your "window". Fascinating, isn't it?
Tropical Paradise - art by Anne Vis
Tropical Paradise

Tea, Darling? - art by Anne Vis
Tea, Darling?

Happy Home - art by Anne Vis
Happy Home

Lounging - art by Anne Vis

Gazing at the Moon - art by Anne Vis
Gazing at the Moon

And another version of the first painting:
Enjoying the Sunset - art by Anne Vis
Enjoying the Sunset
And the latest one (so far ... ):
Vintage Angel Visit - art by Anne Vis
Vintage Angel Visit

Of course you can also use these paintings as sort of a "trompe l'oeil" ...

Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Christmas Ecards

free Christmas ecards
I usually make an ecard for the Holidays and this year this "tradition" is extended to my website, where you can now download the ecards of the past three years to send to your friends or family. The only restriction is that I ask you to leave the copyright notice intact.
As you can see, the ecard for this year features a beautiful kitty basking in the sun. Let's celebrate our love for animals this year!
Wishing you a great season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fukushima - you can't escape

Ok, So a couple of years ago I wrote a post about Fukushima and how the israelis have a motive to destroy Japan.
I really wonder why the media never bothered to look into the so called "earthquake" in Fukushima and just bought into the stories of the governments. Maybe blackmail?
Anyway, please read what I wrote in my previous post about Fukushima. As you can see in this YouTube movie, I am not the only one who thinks this might be a clear case of a nuclear attack:

Currently it becomes more difficult to keep the truth concealed and we will for sure hear more about this.
That is, if the current adventures of moving the rods in Fukushima, will not eradicate humanity ...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is Atlantis resurfacing?

Atlantis revisited - surreal art by Anne Vis
After I created the painting you can see here, I decided to call it "Atlantis revisited", because somehow it reminded me of Atlantis. That is the interesting way art works: I first start working, and then after a while it starts to "talk" to me, followed by curious synchronicities in my life.
Even though I consider myself a "recovering New Agie", I have never been very interested in Atlantis.
Yet I did feel the need to find a healer and you already guessed: the first thing I came across was Atlantean healing, even though the word "Atlantis" was nowhere in my search keywords and I had not been looking for anything Atlantis at that point. Atlantis supposedly had a very high level of technological development and the quality of healing was supposed to be impressive. Not so in this time and age for so called "Atlantean healing" I am afraid. I did book a session and was not impressed with the healing, which turned out to be laying of hands ... indeed as old as the world. Depends on the individual if it is effective or not, and this healer was just not very good I guess. The key for me was in yet other synchronicities I was sharing with her in the personal flow of my life.
It still left me wondering what was going on with Atlantis and besides a new adventure series on BBC, at first I did not find any clue.
Until I saw that there had been powerful earthquakes in a region east of Florida, where Edgar Cayce had said Atlantis was ...
If it would be true that Atlantis is resurfacing, we expect a return of powerful healing techniques. Apparently it is already somewhere in the vibrations, otherwise you would never see this BBC stuff happening ...
In the worst case scenario it of course refers to the still present vibrations of the end of planet earth. Which could also be a way to read all these developments. After all we have a threat of collapse of the financial system and the rise of nuclear contamination around Fukushima (and elsewhere), combined with war mongering from the US and the israeli territories and not to mention the climate challenges. Let's hope this is about new ways to heal ourselves and how we live on this beautiful planet!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Autumn in Amsterdam

The girl with the cat - autumn art by Anne Vis
My latest artworks seem to all have a fall or autumn theme ... well, it is that time of year so maybe that's where I am.
Halloween invitations, and new photo frame magnets are also online now.

Meantime, our local government has decided to kill off the deer in the dunes. I am just so upset that anyone can even consider killing such beautiful and delightful animals ... how can you look at yourself in the mirror after such a thing ... how can you sleep at night?
I decided to go find them while they are still there, but there were not so many as the government makes us believe and I only saw a few and from too far away to make a good picture ...
Maybe the deer already know ... and hide from people ...
Protests have not worked so far, as the government, like many governments, has the habit of ignoring what the population wants ... What's new ...?

Deer in the dunes at Zandvoort NL

Friday, August 30, 2013


Exotic birds in autumn - landscape art by Anne Vis
Inspiration is a strange animal. In my case of course literally as well! ;-)
So I was working on a new wedding line with a winter theme. I imagine soft white and blues, with a bit of mauve ... romantic landscape with snowflakes ... The result is the image above. As you can see only vaguely the mauve tints are recognizable, but the end result is fall and not so romantic really ... I was even contemplating adding it to the surreal gallery as the birds became a bit exotic ... ;-)
Previous efforts to create a new wedding line ended up as vintage style retirement invitations:
Retro retirement party invitation - art by Anne Vis Elegant retro retirement party invitation - art by Anne Vis
Long story short, I finally ended up with a vineyard themed piece, after a comment from a friend that it might be nice to create something with that theme:
The vineyard - romantic landscape art by Anne Vis
As you can see I have a version without wedding rings on Imagekind.
No winter theme in sight so far ... I need to find a way to resize this square painting to also fit all weird other sizes required for an entire wedding line. Not sure yet if that will happen.
The process of creation is interesting and oftentimes "being side-tracked" can be beneficial. I think this is not only the case for art, but in all fields of life. Setting out with a goal, but being open to surprise ...