Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop violation human rights

As Amsterdam around me is turning into a war zone for New Year celebration, I have an altogether different war on my mind.

Today I went to The Hague (yet again! Sigh ...) to join a demonstration to end the genocide in Gaza. There were around a thousand people according to the news. Which is a large number considering it was New Year's eve and extremely foggy and cold.

The next demonstration is scheduled for Saturday January 3 and will be held in Amsterdam at the Museumplein. It starts at 1:00 PM, make sure you'll be there if you are in the Netherlands!

Meantime I found an
article which states that Kucinich sent a letter to Secretary General Ban ki-Moon urging the United Nations to establish an independent inquiry of Israel’s war against Gaza. The attacks on civilians represent collective punishment, which is a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
There are voices to
revoke israels membership to the UN, which makes sense. They have been ignoring the UN ever since they got there and since their recognition as a state was conditional and they have not met the conditions, legally they are not a state now. (which also has not been reinforced, like non of the other resolutions ...)
It would be very nice if Obama would really go for change, which I haven't seen in the appointments for his cabinet so far ...

I ask everyone to please put up the pressure on law makers and governments and such, sign online petitions, contact national government and let yourself be heard. This is not the time to just sit and watch, this is affecting all of us. I also call for a complete BOYCOT of israel.

The sign on the picture says that Anne Frank would turn around in her grave if she could ... shame on israel!
To see a map of Palestine as it was before compared to what it is now,
visit my website.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Jerusalem

Strange things are happening lately.
About a year ago I was in a time travel experience, suddenly finding myself about 100 miles from where I was just moments earlier.
This time (...) it seems to be a timewarp back in time, in an altogether different way ...

It all started with the famous "shoe incident" with president Bush. :-) A friend of mine was enthusiastically playing all the games online and said he regretted I did not have the "whack-a-toothanimal" online any more, one of his favorites! :-)
This was a game I created years ago as part of the Happy Smile Project, an oral health promotion project that also had a website with, apart from tons of information on oral health, games and fun stuff for children ...
So I started to think it would be nice to make all this information available again and completely restyle and update the website ... plunging me back in time ten years, when I used to be a pediatric dentist in the Middle East.

And through some sort of bizarre leap of fate, I had decided a couple of weeks before Christmas to put up a featured homepage for peace for Palestine. Little did I know it was going to be such a mess again!

So, ten years later, I find myself once again involved in dentistry and back to demonstrate for Palestine.
I am so upset with all the news coming from Gaza that this morning I decided to read a bit in the bible (yes, indeed! ...:-)))) and got to the revelations of John (I think, I have a Dutch version ...) about the New Jerusalem. And I read about the diamond walls, the beautiful crystals, and all the angels ... there be no nights no more, just light ...

I was in Jerusalem (and Gaza) in 2000, just before the second Intifadah started ... I have never been in such a horrible place as Jerusalem, it is filled with hate and has blood all over. Maybe that is because I am very sensitive to energies of places. I can oftentimes see and feel what has happened somewhere, sometimes long ago ...

A lot of Palestinians are Christian, I hope that within all these difficult times, they are able to keep the focus on the light and see what John saw ... times of beauty and peace ...
I keep doing distance healings for the Palestinian people and hope if you are a healer reading this, you do too ...

The Madonna by Anne Vis.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peace again ...

Be honest: would you consider a nation that is destroying other countries, keeping millions of people imprisoned, supporting "apartheid" and being the mastermind behind 9/11 and Mumbai, as a nation striving for peace?

It seems that finally, after ignoring all UN resolutions ever since it got there, there are now
voices to revoke the membership of israel from the UN.

Iran, having never recognized israel as a state, is now
sending ships with aid to Palestine. I really wonder how they think they are going to break through the israeli blockage of the borders ...

And in the news today yet AGAIN:
israeli aggression in Gaza ...
Nothing new ... when are we as people of this world going to call it a day ... ?

Inside The Dream by Anne Vis
Just a reminder of what the focus is here ... a peaceful world for all ...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pluto & the lost generation ...

In 2008 the "lost generation" turned 50. For some reason I have met an unusual number of them this past year and at some point it struck me that they all have a similar story. I could even almost tell if somebody was from 1958 just by listening to their story!

This generation is called the "lost generation" because they were the first who could not find a job after they qualified from university. The baby boomers had taken it all! They started to drift sideways and when they came back to their original career paths at some point found they had been surpassed by the children of the baby boomers.

They tried to get some sort of career in their life and some managed more or less for a while, until about ten years ago.
This was when Pluto started in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom! And this of course hit the Pluto in their birth charts, as Pluto moved from Leo to Virgo when they were born. It is also striking in that respect to notice that most people I met have a distinct attitude of service to humanity, whether they got into the financial world or turned out to be doctors ...

But when Pluto hit Sagittarius life hit particularly hard on the lost generation: they felt they did not fit into society any more at all. Some struggled on in regular career paths, but found intense problems. Most lost the connection with the "normal working world" altogether. Having literally "lost their way" they were drifting for quite a while and found they could not fit back in in any way. Most had a remarkable amount of education, so starting another study was not the answer either. I found a large number of them started their own business.

And that is where the pain is sitting now. For most it started about one and a half year ago: yes, when Pluto started to make a move for Capricorn ... Challenges in all respects and like for everybody else the financial crisis is also adding up to the big question: what next?

It is also interesting to note how this entire generation is "self made", they could not identify with their careers as defining who they are and they did not have a life that was clearly set out for them to begin with. They had to create their own identity regardless what was happening in society.
I did not get as strong a resonance from people in the US as from the people in the Netherlands, which is also interesting.
Pluto can give an overwhelming feeling of "fate", something you do not have under control ( ... ) This may fit in better with the Calvinist attitude of the Dutch than with the American view of life, which is more about creating your own "fate".

Yesterday I watched an interview with Isabel Allende for Dutch television. The interviewer asked if she had an advice for people. She said: Do not be afraid. And then she added that you cannot control the big things in life anyway, like she could not control the coup in Chile and the death of her daughter and many other "big events" in her life.

Whether it is fate or not, we are here and maybe there is a reason for that. It is interesting to see how in general the attitude towards work and also the structuring of work has changed in the last thirty years. It is way more flexible.
Pluto is about transformation and it goes on until it has reached the core, there is no escape. In fact it is a deep healing process, slowly clearing out all that is not needed any more and then like the rise of the Phoenix, something new is born ... :-)
It will still be a couple of years of the transit, so it is too early to say where it is heading and it will of course also be different for each individual depending where in their chart Pluto sits ...
They say that you can either move with Pluto voluntarily or it will just force you to change ...
May the changes be for the better in the New Year!
Happy Holidays!

"A Bright Future" by Anne Vis

Friday, December 19, 2008

SALE! :-)

The last couple of days I have been working hard to create new art and you can see most of it in my art gallery at Imagekind. And as a holiday gift I lowered all prices!

Also the
tile section in Sunny Sites is completely new and I invite you to check it out! :-)

And: in the news: an article in the British Medical Journal on "
festive medical myths" ... good to know! :-)
Enjoy the Holiday Season! :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gotan Project

Yesterday the Gotan Project gave a concert in Amsterdam (completely sold out) and I went to see them with a couple of friends. For a visual artist it can be very interesting to find inspiration in music. The Gotan Project is a mesmerizing mix of different styles that are added to a base of tango music. Like in science, where the areas of overlap between different disciplines are the fields of high creativity and new developments, this is also true for the arts.

The start was not flying ... they were half an hour late and then the first songs where played behind a veil that was supposed to create artistic effects, but failed to do so for me and most people around me ... But then ... the veil lifted and the music got to its real potential ... An outstanding show! I have two CD's by the Gotan Project, but nothing had prepared me for what followed ... it was just mind blowing, the music and also the visuals ...

For some reason the lighting reminded me of the Dutch master painters.
One of their very strong points was their lighting. Especially Ruysdael was an expert at that.
Lighting can make or break an artwork. It can also make something simple an extraordinary experience ... especially with a sophisticated use of color, like the Gotan Project show. It created a very sensual and sexy atmosphere, which is of course also the realm of tango ...

The image you see above is one of my new tile designs, which is already available at
Loudeac Tile Studio. Other designs will soon follow as I am updating the entire tile section of Sunny Sites.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Road to Peace

I found some very good news today: a group of young israelis who refuse to fight against the Palestinians. And they need our support! Click here to go to their website.

Meantime it seems like I am getting really addicted to creating abstracts! :-) They are so much fun to create! The one you see here is a brand new one, called
Joy and available through Imagekind

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On chocolate and news

I thought I had somewhat recovered from my "dentist view" of people's teeth, until I was watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN and could not help thinking what a stunning set of teeth does for a smile ... :-) So today I would like to point out some good news for chocolate lovers: Belgium chocolate manufacturer Deskalidés has developed a sugar-free chocolate. I must admit that I don't care at all for chocolate myself, so you need to do your own research into other health aspects of this product ... (yes, I am aware that I am blessed ... :-)))

Another aspect of taking good care of your teeth is a recent study that found a
relationship between gum disease and mental health.

So far the dental news ... :-)

I stay with news, since I saw other stuff that I found interesting as well. An article that confirms the feel of being connected to "all that is" in a very cute way:
Research shows that cars have a "personality" ... :-) Now the next step would be of course what it tells us about you when you choose a particular type of car ... :-)

And for those of us who are interested in what is happening behind the scenes on our planet, I advise to Google the words "Mossad" and "Mumbai" together. I am afraid it does not make you feel as happy as the previous news-items though, so be warned!

So far short news items. I am working on an article about astrology which needs quite a bit of research, so stay with me, it will come out later this month.

Artwork above is called "
Hope" - by Anne Vis, available through Imagekind.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The mists of Avalon

Last weekend I flew from Dublin to Newquay, not quite expecting it would be such an adventure ...

As I boarded the plane, I noticed that it was propeller driven ... wasn't that type of plane built before WWII ..?!!!
Anyway, it got started with a deafening noise, which did not abode very well ... During the flight there was sort of a surreal atmosphere, almost as if the plane was not moving and we could easily slid into another dimension ...
Meanwhile the air hostess was running back and forth with sick bags, even though the ride wasn't bumpy at all.
Down below it looked cloudy. Gradually we were enveloped by thick clouds, as the plane was going down ... going down ... and then suddenly with a huge noise started to go back up again ... It looked like we were flying through the mists of Avalon ...
The pilot could not see the runway.
And as we finally found solid ground in Newquay it was almost dissappointing not to be in another realm entirely ...

Image: "Newquay" by Anne Vis, available at Redbubble.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A new light on the Sun

I love watching documentaries. Yesterday there was one on the climate on the Belgian television, called "The cloud mystery". It was about the effect of cosmic rays from the sun and other star systems on the creation of clouds, which hugely affect the temperature on earth. Of course saying anything else than that the climate changes are caused by humans is like cursing these days and the scientific papers by Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark got banned from publication.

Interestingly enough Svensmark did not give up that easily and ended up getting support from scientists in different fields of expertise in all corners of the planet. This is where true science comes in: the search for the truth and how things actually work. A tremendous accomplishment by Svensmark to continue to stand strong with actual findings against all biased views of his colleagues.

So if the sun and the way the solar system moves through the galaxies is causing the climate change, where does that leave our efforts to protect the earth?
I've never quite bought into the story that we humans are causing everything, that is mere arrogance. Not to say that I am very glad that Al Gore got this thing going, because I really would like to see a CLEAN planet and be able to breathe clean air for instance. And that in itself seems to me to be good enough a reason to think of the environment.

Also interesting in this respect is the new age thinking along the lines that we as humans can do anything we want ... Has anyone seen any evidence of this yet? In my view we can accomplish a lot ... as long as we work along with the forces of the universe, as a co-creation ...

An Unusual Day by Anne Vis

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The next step to Peace ...

Now that Obama is elected, it will be interesting to see what is going to happen to the biggest threat to safety for anyone on the planet: the continuing occupation of Palestine. As yesterday briefly the continuing israeli abuse of Palestinians was showed in the news, today this information has almost magically disappeared from the archives ... (like seems to be the rule).

The first move of Obama, appointing
Emanuel as chief of staff, is worrisome. Somebody who has zionist streaks and is clearly pro-israel is unlikely to make peace for the Palestinian people.

If there is going to be any change in the US policies towards the Middle East, it may again need to come from the ordinary people on the street in the US.
After the excellent publication by
Mearsheimer and Walt, there is really no excuse any more to play ignorant or just believe what the mainstream media are trying to tell us.
The amount of
US tax payers money being sent to israel, is just mind boggling. Do Americans realize that this is threatening their security, the security of their troops and is not in their interest at all?

Unfortunately it looks like Obama has been taken in by the US-israeli lobby, which makes one wonder whether he is being threatened or maybe his family is ... ? (after all the israelis are experts in liquidating their opponents, see history, see all "accidents" of the army ...)

Us citizens could ask for their tax money being spent more in their own interest to start with and contribute in that way not only to their own safety and well being, but to that of an entire world ...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holographic inserts

As I was watching history being written yesterday night, there was suddenly something quite interesting happening on CNN.
Wolf Blitzer announced a new phenomenon for television: they had a reporter in Chicago
holographically projected to the studio thousands of miles away!
We could see her as if she was standing in the studio, 3D!

Now why is this so noteworthy, apart from it being a tremendous technical accomplishment? (I must say I was impressed with the technical possibilities displayed on CNN all over!)
About a year ago I heard for the first time about "holographic implants". These are projections of places/people or whatever someone wants to be projected at locations that are different from where the "original" is, if there is an original at all ( ...?).
It is said that for instance in the war situations in the Middle East extraterrestials have inserted these holographic projections.
It is very difficult to distinguish if something is real or a holographic projection. So people react to these projections as if they were real, creating all sorts of stuff ...

Now I don't know who is creating these projections and one can only guess what their purpose is. (there are some theories which may or may not hold truth, see this one for instance.) When I saw this holographic projection yesterday, I thought they might become more clear and be debunked easier ... It seems there is a very subtle difference as to how they feel energetically as opposed to our "reality".

In these times where new hope is born, we may be able to see more clearly and the veils of illusion are thinning ...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Reconnective Healing Experiences

Yesterday I was on a new age trade show, to offer Reconnective Healing® sessions.
Interestingly enough the organization had placed my booth next to another Reconnective Healer.
She has given it her own twist, like a lot of people also did with the Reiki energies. It looks like Reconnective Healing® is also developing in that direction: a lot of "upgraded" versions. I think this is a natural development, as there are constantly new frequencies being added to what we already know. When you also change the way in which you work, you can't really call it Reconnective Healing® any more. I am curious to see whether the results are going to be more spectacular. I am fond of "miracle healings"! :-)

I also discovered that there are some phenomena associated with Reconnective Healing® that I have not heard other people mention before, but turn out to be happening with others as well.
One is that I noticed lately that I seem to be smelling a lot more than other people. I first thought it had to do with my new air purifier, but now I found that other people also experienced this: an increased ability to smell.

The other thing that happens in association with Reconnective Healing® is rumbling of the belly. I noticed this in my clients, and thought it may be associated with lying down as well, but it is way more intensive than that. Also my own belly starts to be noisy when I am doing the healings. My neighbor said she has also noticed this and said she attributes it to digestion of "stuff", which I find an interesting explanation. Also increased nausea seems to happen more. Phenomena associated with a deeper transformation of energies ...

Though these experiences on the outside may seem a mixed bag of blessings, on a more profound level they indicate deeper healing and more happening than we may be aware of.

In the Flow ... by Anne Vis

Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday I was watching a Dutch news item on television. With growing amazement I must say.
It was about a new "service" for women.
No, not the gigolo, but close .... :
Dutch women can now rent a guy for €200.- an hour to accompany them to a social event. At which they can then lie about being a couple, so that the woman does not look so single .... ???!!!!

I don't know, I've never been a tough feminist. But boy, do these latest developments cry out for some action or what!??!!
What happened to women's self worth?
First we have this Palin woman going against abortion (who is the boss in her own belly?), under the false pretense of pro-life. Apparently life already present does not count: the woman who does not want the child, the young man being sent to war, or the animal helplessly being shot dead ...
And now we have the insane mentality that apparently it is not OK for a woman to go somewhere by herself?
I wonder where these ideas come from. Are we taken over by a muslim mentality in Europe? Is that what this is about?
And what if you are really single and going to an event with a rented guy and meet the man of your life who thinks you are already taken? :-)

In the New Age movement most people are more interested in finding "The Truth". (whatever that may be ...)
From a place of inner peace it seems hardly possible to feel the need to rent a guy to fake a relationship.
The time for the barricades seems past, so now it leaves us to live our "truth" convincingly enough that people get curious and want to follow naturally ...
For those of us who are still not convinced, I recommend the "
Rent-a-Knor"... :-)

A Day at the Beach by Anne Vis, available at Anne Vis Imagekind Gallery.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sparkles of light ...

With the weather turning cold and nasty and the days darkening as we approach winter, it is always nice to have a sparkle of hope and light here and there.
In a practical sense I have been printing out matchbox designs to decorate matchboxes with colorful and sunny images ... only to find that matchboxes are not being manufactured any more! I guess I am old-fashioned ... :-)
After a lot of trouble and checking out many stores, I finally found some left-over matchboxes in some corner somewhere ... so when you now come for a healing you can choose one as a present ... to bring some light in the days before Christmas! :-)

Talking about Christmas ... Of course this is the time of the year for artists to do business. But instead of coming up with Christmas designs, my muse Knor is in a romantic mood and keeps coming up with hugging and sweet knors! I guess love is in the air ... and who couldn't do with some more of that! :-)

Image: So Happy Together, available at Anne Vis Imagekind Gallery.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Healing Headlines for Knor! :-)

You always hear me talking about the healing power of knors, and this time Knor made it to the top 10 in the New York bestseller list! :-)
The book is written by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter and the title is Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. I haven't read it yet, but just this
CNN article already brought tears in my eyes, so heartwarming! So I guess I can safely recommend it!

My muse Knor has been very busy this weekend and kept me smiling as you can see in her new romantic adventures! :-) The image is called "Full Moon ..." and is available at
Anne Vis Imagekind gallery: put in FlatFright2008 as PROMO code to benefit from the $6.- flat rate shipping in the US! (expires Oct 31 10 PM PDT)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Affecting your Mood ...

When I entered the gym this morning, there was something quite different from other times: the music of the sixties was playing. I am at an age that this evokes all sorts of sentiments ... :-)
Interestingly enough other people had the same reactions and conversations followed.
Somehow the music takes us back in time and I find it interesting to note how that affects not only our mood, but also the experience of aging at a cellular level. Recently I read an article on
Science Daily where people were brought back in time: they were brought in an environment as if it was 50 years back. The difference between the two groups was that one group was speaking in past tense, while the other was using present tense. The group speaking in present tense was notably younger! It even became clear that "wallowing in the past" can actually make you older on a cellular level. To be used to your advantage ... :-)

Cafepress has introduced camcorders and I found it a nice challenge to design for these products. You can see some of them on the image above, more to follow ... :-)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creative Insight Healings

Maybe you noticed that my entire website has had a make-over and that I also added a new service: Creative Insight Healing. I have been playing with some concepts for a while. Basically because many people were asking what "I was seeing" after their Reconnective Healing. And Reconnective Healing just does not focus on "fixing"anything or getting answers to questions. It is a matter of appropriateness as Eric Pearl would say: for your romantic dinner you would light the table with candles and for your car you need big bright headlights.
For finding your answers I now can assist you with Creative Insight Healings! :-)

In Creative Insight Healings I use all the tools that I have available (a lot!) to help you find your own answers, so it is not like I am doing a reading for you. In that respect it is completely in line with the Reconnection: it gives your power back where it belongs: with you!
In practical reality this means I can guide you in a visualization where you discover what you want to know and also find the means to solve situations or answer your questions. Meantime you get full support in your process as I am doing a healing for you at the same time. This combination turns out to be very powerful and insightful. Since I am guided by what you would like to get out of your session, this is a very creative process, which will unfold differently each time it is done.

On another note I also would like to point out that my
Imagekind art gallery has a special promotion action: Free US ground shipping on Promo Code: kids2008 (expires October 14 10PM PDT)

Healing a broken heart by Anne Vis.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Health - for humans and animals

October 4 is World Animal Day. What are you doing on that day?
I thought it would be a nice day to work with the
animal healing grids. Most animals have a healing grid in and/or around the planet, the most famous being probably the dolphin grid. Through their grids they heal the planet, their species and also us humans! It would be really nice to send our love and gratitude into these grids as a special thank you to the animals. I have a special connection to Bastet, the Goddess of healing, joy and dancing of Egypt, who rules the "knor-grid", the very powerful grid of felines, which sits about three to four feet below the earth surface. It is easy to connect to this grid through the "earth star", a very important chakra that has the information of our own connection to planet earth. (also located around the same depth). Just visualize your love and gratitude flowing from your heart into the grid as a beautiful fluid golden light ... :-) It surrounds the entire planet and helps the animals, planet and us humans as well.

And talking about health: it does not take an Einstein to know that our health care system is failing. Both the regular and the alternative ... One of the biggest challenges is becoming the costs, certainly in this turbulent time. In the regular health care the bureaucracy is a big problem as well as lack of qualified people in certain areas. And in the alternative sector, it is very difficult to find a good healer between all those people who offer treatment. It can take a long time to find that healer that actually is capable of dealing with the specific complaint you are dealing with ... and thus become expensive as well ...
The good news is that more ways of alternative healing are now focusing on helping you to get back into your own power, for which in my experience the Reconnection is one of the best.
And with regard to politics: if you care for your health and live in the US: please vote for Obama!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Time and timing

Timing is everything. This last week I have been busy creating calendars. You can now see the entire overview of all my calendars on my website.
Time these days is like chewing gum: to be stretched and crunched in any direction ...
If you had your money in one of the banks that went under, you know what I am talking about. One moment you think all is secure and the next the world is rocking and you wish you could turn the clock back.

Since my Reconnection it seems that time moves more intensely. And as my tolerance for crap is approaching zero, waves are easily created ... read: people who were abusive in whatever way now have to move ... with all the consequences of that.

In another way it works such that I seem to show up at certain places exactly at the moment something is about to happen that makes it very useful that I am there at that particular moment. I attribute this to this axiatonal or axiotonal line system, that has a link to the time grids as well. (Eric Pearl calls it the
axiotonal line system and in the Keys of Enoch it is referred to as the axiatonal line system, a bit confusing ...)

Tonight (Monday September 29) is the last
group healing, so if you have a chance and see this IN TIME (:-)), please stop by!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why do we get sick or better?

Recently I watched a documentary in which two British medical doctors were visiting the jungle in Peru to study healing methods. To their surprise they found that the local people thought that ants were causing illnesses. The therapy consisted of burning out the nests of ants.

Does that sound far-fetched to you?
What about the theories in the west? Haven't we all heard about the past causing illness in the present? Or what to think of implants, curses, bad energies, ghosts ... ? Or: chemtrails? (I found a site where you can
check out the chemtrail activity)
Interestingly enough all the therapies that focus on one of these causes actually do book results. Like in the western "regular medicine" sometimes we book results and sometimes we don't. It seems to be a matter of finding out which one is the root cause.

I visited a Dutch healer the other day, or maybe I should say magician, that may be a more appropriate description. To release negative energies he used a quite unconventional method: he gave me a few hard karate chops! I was fascinated to note that I felt very emotional afterwards, but physically I did not feel any pain whatsoever.

In the wild forest of healing methods I chose to do Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, since I found the most profound results after receiving my personal Reconnection. In Reconnective Healing we do not really focus on what is the cause at all. By bringing harmony and restoring all connections, it is thought that health is a natural result. That is the theory. Now after I received those karate chops, it turned out that everyone present felt that my healings had improved ... This is very interesting, since as a Reconnective Healer I am merely a facilitator of the process, I do not actually channel energy into you at all. However, it seems that the healer's capacity to offer a full and loving presence, does influence the healing.
I invite you to come and experience this for yourself ... :-)

Flower of Light by Anne Vis

Friday, September 12, 2008

Transform your life with "Divine Self"

I've noticed that there are a lot of misunderstandings about the heart and the so popular phrase of "opening the heart".
Anyone who ever tried to deliberately "open their heart", will have noticed that this is not so easily done as it is said. The reason for that is that most of us carry a lot of wounds and stuck pain, feelings of rejection and loss and so forth in their heart. So as soon as you focus on your heart, this will come up. And what you experience can be the pain instead of the overflowing feeling of love.
I have been working for quite some time now with what I call "Divine Self". You could also call it the higher heart or the seat of the soul. This place indeed has a physical location and it sits just ABOVE the heart chakra, more or less where the thymus gland is (note the relationship with your immune system!)

Knowing where it is can be a tremendous help in working with it, because focusing your energy on this spot in time empowers the effect. You can use this spot to ask it to do all sorts of things, like healing, or transforming situations with light and love. Depending on what is needed it may take some time before you see results, but one thing that you will notice is that it is a tremendous help to stand in your own power ... the angels and ascended masters are still there to assist, but you will get a stronger feel of the co-creation that you are part of and the place you have within this totality.

Talking about the heart:
as a former dentist I know that in some countries it is very popular to prescribe antibiotics instead of treating the cause of the infection. I have always been opposed to this because of the danger of resistance against antibiotics. Also antibiotics are very hard on your heart. Now according to the
British Medical Journal, there is a substantial risk to end up in the emergency room after using antibiotics ... just so you know!

New Openings by Anne Vis

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dream Journal

Do you remember your dreams? I've noticed it is easier to remember them when you have a specific dream journal to write them down as soon as you wake up. I've just created a new journal specifically for this purpose! :-)

This past weekend I attended the open days of
bookstore Temple, located opposite CS Amsterdam.
It was very busy, especially on Sunday and it promises to become a new venue for spiritual activities, with lectures, classes and possibly also sessions. We are SO ready for some inspiring places in Amsterdam, time to put this town back on the list of top locations for spiritual balance! I was just stunned to find out on Saturday that the organization had put me right on top of a crossing of two ley lines! As you may have read in previous articles, I have been pulled to ley lines ever since my personal Reconnection ... Within a couple of months Glastonbury, soon followed by Paris and now wondering what will be next ... ? The Reconnection connects you (among other gridworks) also to the grid of ley lines, powerful earth pathways. The ley line crossing located in
bookstore Temple was originally explored extensively by Ronald Jan Heijn, the previous owner of spiritual center Oibibio at the same location.
I must say that I was stunned at the reactions from people who received a five minute sample healing. Several people were just so radiant afterwards! And everybody could feel the healing very clearly, which does not happen always.

Also the first session of
group healings I did in my neighborhood, was very well received. In time the energies will become stronger in this location. Next session is on Monday night September 15.

And on another note:
Knor would like to let you know how she is able to predict earthquakes!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by Music

In Paris I found that Berry, a new rising star in France, has a new CD that was featured in the Galleries Lafayette. I bought the CD to let it inspire me in my art, but you can also listen to part of it online at
Her music is very refreshing and relaxing, excellent background music for my
new calendar of dreamy florals, that is just out today! :-)

Another link that I have been meaning to share before, is about something completely different: this is a great article on the
astrological viewpoints on menopause. And briefly on menopause complaints from a healing point of view: it helps a tremendous lot if your kundalini channel is clear! One way to deal with that is through vortexhealing®.

Also on the topic of our environment I found an article well worth reading on the site of Scientific American which is
about the oceans.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Abortion - are we going back to the 60-ies?

A lot of people in new age circles claim you should not watch the news because of bad vibrations. I prefer to be informed and I think we have seen some very interesting new developments in just the last couple of days.
First of all of course the wonderful nomination of Barack Obama as first mixed race presidential candidate, but also the surprising choice of McCain for running mate Sarah Palin is very interesting.

One of the things that I would like to "zoom in" on regarding the choice for Palin, is that she is anti-abortion. In itself this is contradicting the often voiced opinion of less government interference. What is more intrusive then a government telling you whether or not you can have a baby??! And thinking of this: how unusual to assume this is going to attract the voters who would otherwise have chosen for Hillary Clinton?

I grew up in the sixties. The time when women all over were fighting for their rights and one of those rights was to determine for themselves what was happening in their own bellies. I knew for sure that I did not want to have children when I was fourteen. I had to wait till I was 24 before I found a doctor willing to do a sterilization (because I supposedly was too young for such a decision and of course all doctors were men ... ). I knew that if I would accidentally get pregnant I could not get myself to have an abortion ... An abortion is always a last resort and I cannot imagine any woman doing this for fun. So as a society we should offer a loving embrace to the women who have to go through this. After all they are the life that is already here - and isn't this about protecting life? I believe an unwanted pregnancy can happen to any woman and of course the recent Bush policies have increased the risk for young women considerably. Let's be compassionate!

Now what does the picture look like from the child's point of view?
In the case the child is born:
I think many of us know the experience of not being wanted - and does it hurt! It oftentimes takes a life of therapy to heal from this and of course if not attended goes into the higher crime rates ... just imagine the resentment, anger and feelings of rejection a child who was not wanted may carry.
What happens for the child when there is an abortion?
There are several spiritual mediums who have written about this and I get the impression that it is very different in each situation and that the soul who is sent back after the pregnancy gets broken off, can get a learning experience from this as well. The overall impression is one of forgiveness. Mind you, the real entrance of the soul in the body is only later in pregnancy, the times given are not consistent, but tend to hover around 88 days before birth.

What is also completely ignored in this whole discussion is the situation of the planet at this moment. Our species is infesting the planet to a point of suffocation. A reason to seriously think about putting more people on this earth. But also this is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves.
Also awareness about what it might mean for your own life or that of the child is a factor to take into consideration. I wonder for instance what the obviously very ambitious Sarah Palin was thinking when she put 5 children on this earth and she now thinks she can also be president of the country? How will her children experience that? Apparently she has the financial means to have somebody else take care of her (disabled) children, a choice that many of the women over whose life she may decide do not have.

For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to vote: you have a job here!

And for the rest of us: I guess we just pray that Obama gets into the White House ...

Artwork: Soft Reflection by Anne Vis

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sacré Coeur

Have you always wanted to visit a certain place, but it never quite seemed to manifest? Recently I have had feedback from several people that I did a personal Reconnection for who reported they suddenly got it all going! Out of the blue the solutions that enabled them to make that journey seemed to all at once arrive at their doorstep!

Since I had my personal Reconnection it seems like I am being called to visit some powerful ley lines and crossings of lines.
This time it was Paris, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur. I did not have a clue what I needed to do there, or what was waiting there for me, but had a strong calling to visit those two churches. Since it was my birthday last Sunday, I thought it would make a very nice present for myself and off I went ...
It started on Saturday early in the morning in the Notre Dame, I have been there at least once before, and did not have any specific recollection, but this time was just so different. I could feel the presence of many many angels and felt so extremely peaceful ... I spent several hours there. Those of you who read my story about
the Prophets Conference in Glastonbury a few weeks ago, will remember that I wrote about the orbs. I had never had them on a picture before, but to my surprise, after I watched my pictures of the Notre Dame two of them were crowded with orbs!

When somebody I met proposed a visit to the Sacré Coeur on Saturday night, I was getting a bit worried about my being such a party animal: visiting all those churches! :-) But I went along, and although I have been at least twice at the Sacré Coeur in my life, I was in for a new experience once again. It turned out that there was just a mass starting and my companion said he wanted to hear a specific woman sing. I normally don't really care for singing in the church, though I like the organ. But this was just out of this world ... Energy levels were going through the roof and meantime I just could not keep my eyes off the painting on the ceiling: Jesus with his arms spread, like he was flying, and at the same time blessing ... it was indeed the sacred heart ...
It feels like these places on the planet are being connected in new ways. In Amsterdam there is also a church with a very high vibration, near the Koningsplein, the Krijtberg it is called. Old churches and especially cathedrals are known to oftentimes stand on ley lines.

Art and copyright

With respect to art, I was planning on going to the Louvre, but in the end did not get round to going there. The closest I got was looking at Le Chat Noir at the bouquinistes and also a very cute version with
Knor with a very smug face as Mona Lisa ... that was just hilarious ... :-)
Today I just found out about the
Orphan law in the US. If you are an artist and have not heard of it before, make sure to sign a petition if you like to keep your copyright. Also about copyright: there is now software to blow up your images and if that is not enough yet, also the printing resolutions are lowering rapidly: 100 dpi is now enough to print a sharp image. I have been looking into this today since a Dutch art site was asking to put large images without any protection online, so that viewers can see your work better ... yes ... and just download and print it ...

Tax scam

With inflation being sky high (the real inflation is much higher than the governments want us to believe; they leave out the items that are rising in price most for their calculations), it is clear for everyone with basic education that the sales tax then also generates a huge increase in revenues for the government. It seems like at least in the Netherlands the government is deliberately misleading the public and complaining about a shortage now that they can't raise sales tax to 20%. Since journalists are either part of the complot or have not finished their primary school successfully, they buy into this. Don't let yourself be fooled! And realize too that with that they also get more power ...

The Clown by Anne Vis

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Healing the "inner masculine"

Lately I have seen a lot of healers and websites pay attention to the "inner female" and the divine feminine and how that needs to be restored after such a long time of a patriarchal hierarchy in our societies.
OK, I can see that. What I also see however, is a desperate need to heal the "inner masculine" in order to be able to bring them into balance together again. What I see in a lot of women is that they express their masculine side as they see men behave in the outer world these days. Hence politicians like Hillary Clinton, who talk like men in the disguise of a woman's body. As a woman, it is imperative to express the masculine as woman. For women that would be as being "your own woman", a new and natural way. A way that supports a deeper feminine core and creativity in the outside world, without being aggressive or revert to mannerism.

For men it is also obvious that the "inner masculine" is in dire need for healing. We can see that in the way men dress for instance. A rope around the neck? Who ever invented that one? And all these young men losing their lives in the battles of old men ...

What would that look like in daily life if all masculine energy would be healed? I get visions of a peaceful world, where men and women support each other and conflicts of interest are being resolved in wisdom ...
According to
Nanco Nieling we are now in such a high vibration that we can heal our galactic karma and thus would be able to heal those parts that have been unresponsive to all our previous healing efforts.
As far as I can see, the healing of inner masculine and feminine and the balance between those resorts under a bigger galactic karma and should now be accessible to healing.
I found some methods to deal with this and am working on more ways.
If participants in the
September group healings that I offer in Amsterdam are interested, this could be one of the topics to work on.

Artwork: "
In Blue Light" by Anne Vis, available at Imagekind.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knor! :-)

The word "Knor" ("k" pronounced as in "kitchen") stands for the inner light, whether it be in humans, spirit guides or the embodiment of felines. Originally knors are from Sirius, where two races of beings were living together (more about this in the book by Murray Hope, the Sirius connection).

In my own life Knor appeared when I was in a very depressive phase of my life in 2000. I finally decided to force myself to write a children's book. It was about a witch ... and you guess it already: witches have cats! So soon enough the cat took over center stage and I found myself in stitches all the time because of the funny things the cat was doing ... needless to say: gone was the depression!

This is also a very fundamental aspect of how Knor works: it brings out the inner light! :-)
Yesterday I went for a walk through the Jordaan in Amsterdam with a good friend. I stop at every knor I see and usually when I call "knorretje" they come running, tail in the air! :-)
And just as I thought my friend was getting fed up with me and my happy knor-encounters, she told me a very remarkable story.
She is a teacher and now has a new group of 4 year old children. The children are upset and crying because they have to go to school for the first time. My friend said she was teaching the children about knors (she literally uses the word knor, and the meaning of the word is immediately understood by the children). She said they were imagining being a knor: stretching lazily, licking their "paws", being aware of the soft cushions underneath their feet and softly sneaking through the classroom ... purring ... :-) (Did you know that the sound of purring in itself is healing?)
All children were calm and peaceful afterwards ...

Image available at Anne's Imagekind Gallery

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ley lines and California poppies

I'm finally getting round to working with some of the pictures that I took during my time in San Francisco. My roommate was passionate about flowers and I thankfully took shots of his many stunning flower compositions. The California poppies were definitely favorites! I wanted to bring more depth and contrast to my picture and here you can see what it now looks like ... Enjoy the flowers on your path!

Meantime I am working with some organizations of trade shows to see if I can be on a couple of shows for the fall. As inflation is on the rise it is nice to be able to offer affordable healings and an opportunity to experience Reconnective Healing in an easy way ... The information about this will appear on my websites, and

If you already had your personal Reconnection, or are considering one, you may also be interested in finding out what is known about the earth grid in which you get "plugged into".
I think the ley lines is just part of this system, but a very fascinating part. Ever since my Reconnection, I feel drawn to go to certain places on these grids and I assume that is reinforcing the connection. The Reconnection definitely changes your relationship with the planet, making it more profound ... I found an
interesting site with tons of information about ley lines and much more, be sure to check it out! :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Age vs. Police state

I haven't been to the gym in a long time, so when I got there the other day, I was in for a surprise.
Not only had the prices gone up by 50%, but also the training times had been diminished and now (worrisome!) you can only join if you allow this company to automatically subtract the money they want from your bank account.
I have found that other gyms in Amsterdam do the same crap. Worse: not only the gyms, but as I was looking for a new host for my Dutch language website, I found they also have such crooked policies. Even to the point where you have to consent that they don't have to abide with Dutch law! Talking about violating consumers rights!
The website
Niburu posted an article about the prices of diesel in the rest of the world ... which shows you how our government steals from the citizens ...
The attitude of the people is usually grumpy, but the frustrations turn inside and nothing happens, companies and government can get away with unethical behavior. The vision of New Age is that you create your own reality, so it's all your own fault and you can only do something about it by visualizing a brilliant life with decent governments and companies.
I just don't think that the world changes just by visualizing another reality. Yes, you need to change your own vibration, but that is easier said than done, as most of it is determined by unconscious factors.
Apart from working on raising your energy vibrations, there are other things to do.
In the Netherlands the NMA is an organization that is working on fair competition between companies, which is against deals that give the clients an unfair disadvantage. So far my experience with them has been excellent, they have even contacted corrupt companies on my behalf (after which there was a swift change in policy!). I recommend to contact NMA if you are fed up with companies plundering your bank account at their whims and such ...

Another thing that helps is making people aware of what is going on. To my astonishment I find a lot of people whom I thought were reasonably intelligent, still voicing such strange visions about the world we live in.
If you want to know what is really going on, I recommend checking the alternative news sites regularly. The regular media want to push it off as just "conspiracy theories", but of course they were also the ones who supposedly knew all about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which I hope we all know was a blatant lie). Check your sources! The latest excellent documentation about what is really going on behind the scenes is the research by
Bollyn. I found it yesterday and think it is a must-read. Spirituality is not something somewhere up on a cloud, but it means we are responsible.

On a lighter note: I created an entire
series of buttons for my Cafepress store, a lot of fun to do! Nice as a gift or to brighten up your outfit! :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relax with Art ...

After my brother pointed out to me that I had nothing on YouTube (and implied that I was missing out :-))) ...) and emailed me some information on how to create a movie, it just seemed fun to give it a try ...
I collected some of my latest artworks and assembled them in a video. But without sound it is just not so good, so I first added ocean sounds, which you can also find in
another flash healing movie on
Knor pointed out that it would be nicer with the piano music by David Nevue. So now we have joined forces and with consent of David, you can watch our latest movie! :-)
I hope you like it and feedback is welcome! :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saint Anne's Day

Today is Saint Anne's Day, July 26.
To me that is grandmother's day, with a big embrace to all grandmothers. (Anne was the grandmother of Jesus for those of you who are not sure who she was.) Oftentimes grandmothers are more relaxed with their grandchildren than they were with their children, maybe because the burden of the responsibility is less. To me it is the feel of being loved unconditionally that grandmothers stand for ... and isn't that the greatest gift a child can receive? Also the aspect of a wise old woman comes to mind ... nice to meditate on ...

I am working on a new website (yes, indeed, my third!!) and this one is going to be the Dutch translation of, so bear with me, it is on it's way!

Also I am very happy to announce a cooperation with Spiritual bookstore
Au bout du monde, more news about this in the fall.

And last but not least: as you can see the illustration has nothing to do with Saint Anne's Day, but it is my latest experiment with some new styles ... Let me know what you think! An artist needs to continue to grow and learn ...
Happy St. Anne's Day! :-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Secret - how to make it work

A lot of people have been working with the concepts as presented in "The Secret" and found it does not work for them.
In my experience it is because there is more to it ...

In my own life things have started to work a lot better after I got my personal Reconnection. At the same time it seems like there is a deeper search for truth, so I have started looking at a couple of teachers recently. Not that I have not done these things before, but it seems like there is some sort of shift in perspective, as I feel more in touch with my own core.

So far I found that several people who claim to be enlightened and developed their "own" thing, are citing Barry Long, oftentimes quite literally. There is no copyright on such ideas, but still, it would be nice to acknowledge their source ...

Teachers oftentimes focus more on the point of stillness inside and the peace inside, whereas the Secret is for a big part focused on getting the outside results in your life. I guess we want both and they have a relationship to each other. On the one hand there is tendency to just be in peace and relax and trust that what you need is already there (loving what is) and on the other hand there is a desire to also do things, as in the theories that say you create your own life, like the Secret. Or as in NLP: in order for things to happen I need to put things on my "timeline" ...

The other day I found a channeling from Kryon that solves the contradiction between these two attitudes and offers a different viewpoint on the Secret. One of the first things is that when you want to consciously create, you are working with assumptions. Kryon has some brilliant thoughts on that one, I highly recommend listening to this! (it is bilingual in Spanish and English).

Illustration: Other World by Anne Vis

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiritual Travels

One of the interesting effects of the Reconnection is that it is easier to attract whatever it is that you need or that might help you in your spiritual growth.

I have had for over a year the feeling of wanting to go to Glastonbury, but for some reason it never seemed the right time.
Then about two weeks ago, somebody offered me a ride. The very next day I met somebody else (also somebody I did not know before!) who said she had a room for me at the Chalice Well. In high season and with a large conference going on in town, it seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle!

The conference was about orbs: light phenomena that appear on (digital) pictures and that are related to very high energy frequencies. It turns out that these pictures only appear around ley lines. (Interestingly enough this is one of the earth grids that the Reconnection plugs you in to!)
You can listen for free to Freddy Silva on the website of
the Prophets Conference. (where you can also find several other very fascinating lectures!)

The road to Glastonbury is a very long one if you travel from Amsterdam, but it is very beautiful and also passes Stonehenge. No dull moments, since I had a very interesting and enlightening companion. We talked about many things, but one important topic were the teachings of
Barry Long.
I had never heard of him before, but something in the way I understood he talks about the liberation from emotions (as opposed to feelings) and as a tool for freedom from suffering struck me. Needless to say: I came across his books in Glastonbury everywhere I looked!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Beginnings

After more than one and a half year of posting regular columns about all sorts of topics in "new age land" we need to start from scratch again.

All our archives with stories about all the (oftentimes) famous healers we have met in the past year, all the information about our discoveries about the environment and many descriptions about the workshops we took (which happened to be a lot! :-)) have had to go. As well as our fascinating story about our physical time travel experience!
The reason is that our Wordpress installation got hacked and we did not want to run the risk of having other crap happen to our website. So instead of hosting the blog on
our own website, it is now hosted independently ...

Interestingly enough, I am just reading a book by Byron Katie: A thousand names for joy. I haven't finished it yet, but can highly recommend it. Byron Katie basically says that all suffering is caused by our stories about life ... so probably I should be delighted that I am now free of my stories ... :-)

Another concept that I really enjoy (also coming from Byron Katie) is that if you are upset about something, you are struggling with reality. As soon as you stop fighting with reality, the stress or whatever it was you were experiencing, falls away ...
Unlike her, in my case, I have not found any new experiences in changing my thoughts as she explains in "
The Work". Sometimes I am a slow student, but I have found that I need to change the energy vibration that is underneath it. Since I do not think that my thoughts are really mine (who is thinking anyway?) I also have no concept of changing thougths having an effect just by themselves. It is oftentimes related to all sorts of stuff that influences our vibration, like karmic imprints, implants, ingrained habits and so forth. Doing the underlying energy work AND changing the "radio"station to which we are tuned into together do make a difference ... Best of luck and thank you for reading my new blog! :-)
P.S. For those of you in the Netherlands: Byron Katie will be in Amsterdam on July 18!