Thursday, July 31, 2008

Relax with Art ...

After my brother pointed out to me that I had nothing on YouTube (and implied that I was missing out :-))) ...) and emailed me some information on how to create a movie, it just seemed fun to give it a try ...
I collected some of my latest artworks and assembled them in a video. But without sound it is just not so good, so I first added ocean sounds, which you can also find in
another flash healing movie on
Knor pointed out that it would be nicer with the piano music by David Nevue. So now we have joined forces and with consent of David, you can watch our latest movie! :-)
I hope you like it and feedback is welcome! :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saint Anne's Day

Today is Saint Anne's Day, July 26.
To me that is grandmother's day, with a big embrace to all grandmothers. (Anne was the grandmother of Jesus for those of you who are not sure who she was.) Oftentimes grandmothers are more relaxed with their grandchildren than they were with their children, maybe because the burden of the responsibility is less. To me it is the feel of being loved unconditionally that grandmothers stand for ... and isn't that the greatest gift a child can receive? Also the aspect of a wise old woman comes to mind ... nice to meditate on ...

I am working on a new website (yes, indeed, my third!!) and this one is going to be the Dutch translation of, so bear with me, it is on it's way!

Also I am very happy to announce a cooperation with Spiritual bookstore
Au bout du monde, more news about this in the fall.

And last but not least: as you can see the illustration has nothing to do with Saint Anne's Day, but it is my latest experiment with some new styles ... Let me know what you think! An artist needs to continue to grow and learn ...
Happy St. Anne's Day! :-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Secret - how to make it work

A lot of people have been working with the concepts as presented in "The Secret" and found it does not work for them.
In my experience it is because there is more to it ...

In my own life things have started to work a lot better after I got my personal Reconnection. At the same time it seems like there is a deeper search for truth, so I have started looking at a couple of teachers recently. Not that I have not done these things before, but it seems like there is some sort of shift in perspective, as I feel more in touch with my own core.

So far I found that several people who claim to be enlightened and developed their "own" thing, are citing Barry Long, oftentimes quite literally. There is no copyright on such ideas, but still, it would be nice to acknowledge their source ...

Teachers oftentimes focus more on the point of stillness inside and the peace inside, whereas the Secret is for a big part focused on getting the outside results in your life. I guess we want both and they have a relationship to each other. On the one hand there is tendency to just be in peace and relax and trust that what you need is already there (loving what is) and on the other hand there is a desire to also do things, as in the theories that say you create your own life, like the Secret. Or as in NLP: in order for things to happen I need to put things on my "timeline" ...

The other day I found a channeling from Kryon that solves the contradiction between these two attitudes and offers a different viewpoint on the Secret. One of the first things is that when you want to consciously create, you are working with assumptions. Kryon has some brilliant thoughts on that one, I highly recommend listening to this! (it is bilingual in Spanish and English).

Illustration: Other World by Anne Vis

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiritual Travels

One of the interesting effects of the Reconnection is that it is easier to attract whatever it is that you need or that might help you in your spiritual growth.

I have had for over a year the feeling of wanting to go to Glastonbury, but for some reason it never seemed the right time.
Then about two weeks ago, somebody offered me a ride. The very next day I met somebody else (also somebody I did not know before!) who said she had a room for me at the Chalice Well. In high season and with a large conference going on in town, it seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle!

The conference was about orbs: light phenomena that appear on (digital) pictures and that are related to very high energy frequencies. It turns out that these pictures only appear around ley lines. (Interestingly enough this is one of the earth grids that the Reconnection plugs you in to!)
You can listen for free to Freddy Silva on the website of
the Prophets Conference. (where you can also find several other very fascinating lectures!)

The road to Glastonbury is a very long one if you travel from Amsterdam, but it is very beautiful and also passes Stonehenge. No dull moments, since I had a very interesting and enlightening companion. We talked about many things, but one important topic were the teachings of
Barry Long.
I had never heard of him before, but something in the way I understood he talks about the liberation from emotions (as opposed to feelings) and as a tool for freedom from suffering struck me. Needless to say: I came across his books in Glastonbury everywhere I looked!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Beginnings

After more than one and a half year of posting regular columns about all sorts of topics in "new age land" we need to start from scratch again.

All our archives with stories about all the (oftentimes) famous healers we have met in the past year, all the information about our discoveries about the environment and many descriptions about the workshops we took (which happened to be a lot! :-)) have had to go. As well as our fascinating story about our physical time travel experience!
The reason is that our Wordpress installation got hacked and we did not want to run the risk of having other crap happen to our website. So instead of hosting the blog on
our own website, it is now hosted independently ...

Interestingly enough, I am just reading a book by Byron Katie: A thousand names for joy. I haven't finished it yet, but can highly recommend it. Byron Katie basically says that all suffering is caused by our stories about life ... so probably I should be delighted that I am now free of my stories ... :-)

Another concept that I really enjoy (also coming from Byron Katie) is that if you are upset about something, you are struggling with reality. As soon as you stop fighting with reality, the stress or whatever it was you were experiencing, falls away ...
Unlike her, in my case, I have not found any new experiences in changing my thoughts as she explains in "
The Work". Sometimes I am a slow student, but I have found that I need to change the energy vibration that is underneath it. Since I do not think that my thoughts are really mine (who is thinking anyway?) I also have no concept of changing thougths having an effect just by themselves. It is oftentimes related to all sorts of stuff that influences our vibration, like karmic imprints, implants, ingrained habits and so forth. Doing the underlying energy work AND changing the "radio"station to which we are tuned into together do make a difference ... Best of luck and thank you for reading my new blog! :-)
P.S. For those of you in the Netherlands: Byron Katie will be in Amsterdam on July 18!