Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Beginnings

After more than one and a half year of posting regular columns about all sorts of topics in "new age land" we need to start from scratch again.

All our archives with stories about all the (oftentimes) famous healers we have met in the past year, all the information about our discoveries about the environment and many descriptions about the workshops we took (which happened to be a lot! :-)) have had to go. As well as our fascinating story about our physical time travel experience!
The reason is that our Wordpress installation got hacked and we did not want to run the risk of having other crap happen to our website. So instead of hosting the blog on
our own website, it is now hosted independently ...

Interestingly enough, I am just reading a book by Byron Katie: A thousand names for joy. I haven't finished it yet, but can highly recommend it. Byron Katie basically says that all suffering is caused by our stories about life ... so probably I should be delighted that I am now free of my stories ... :-)

Another concept that I really enjoy (also coming from Byron Katie) is that if you are upset about something, you are struggling with reality. As soon as you stop fighting with reality, the stress or whatever it was you were experiencing, falls away ...
Unlike her, in my case, I have not found any new experiences in changing my thoughts as she explains in "
The Work". Sometimes I am a slow student, but I have found that I need to change the energy vibration that is underneath it. Since I do not think that my thoughts are really mine (who is thinking anyway?) I also have no concept of changing thougths having an effect just by themselves. It is oftentimes related to all sorts of stuff that influences our vibration, like karmic imprints, implants, ingrained habits and so forth. Doing the underlying energy work AND changing the "radio"station to which we are tuned into together do make a difference ... Best of luck and thank you for reading my new blog! :-)
P.S. For those of you in the Netherlands: Byron Katie will be in Amsterdam on July 18!

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