Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saint Anne's Day

Today is Saint Anne's Day, July 26.
To me that is grandmother's day, with a big embrace to all grandmothers. (Anne was the grandmother of Jesus for those of you who are not sure who she was.) Oftentimes grandmothers are more relaxed with their grandchildren than they were with their children, maybe because the burden of the responsibility is less. To me it is the feel of being loved unconditionally that grandmothers stand for ... and isn't that the greatest gift a child can receive? Also the aspect of a wise old woman comes to mind ... nice to meditate on ...

I am working on a new website (yes, indeed, my third!!) and this one is going to be the Dutch translation of, so bear with me, it is on it's way!

Also I am very happy to announce a cooperation with Spiritual bookstore
Au bout du monde, more news about this in the fall.

And last but not least: as you can see the illustration has nothing to do with Saint Anne's Day, but it is my latest experiment with some new styles ... Let me know what you think! An artist needs to continue to grow and learn ...
Happy St. Anne's Day! :-)

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