Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Secret - how to make it work

A lot of people have been working with the concepts as presented in "The Secret" and found it does not work for them.
In my experience it is because there is more to it ...

In my own life things have started to work a lot better after I got my personal Reconnection. At the same time it seems like there is a deeper search for truth, so I have started looking at a couple of teachers recently. Not that I have not done these things before, but it seems like there is some sort of shift in perspective, as I feel more in touch with my own core.

So far I found that several people who claim to be enlightened and developed their "own" thing, are citing Barry Long, oftentimes quite literally. There is no copyright on such ideas, but still, it would be nice to acknowledge their source ...

Teachers oftentimes focus more on the point of stillness inside and the peace inside, whereas the Secret is for a big part focused on getting the outside results in your life. I guess we want both and they have a relationship to each other. On the one hand there is tendency to just be in peace and relax and trust that what you need is already there (loving what is) and on the other hand there is a desire to also do things, as in the theories that say you create your own life, like the Secret. Or as in NLP: in order for things to happen I need to put things on my "timeline" ...

The other day I found a channeling from Kryon that solves the contradiction between these two attitudes and offers a different viewpoint on the Secret. One of the first things is that when you want to consciously create, you are working with assumptions. Kryon has some brilliant thoughts on that one, I highly recommend listening to this! (it is bilingual in Spanish and English).

Illustration: Other World by Anne Vis

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