Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiritual Travels

One of the interesting effects of the Reconnection is that it is easier to attract whatever it is that you need or that might help you in your spiritual growth.

I have had for over a year the feeling of wanting to go to Glastonbury, but for some reason it never seemed the right time.
Then about two weeks ago, somebody offered me a ride. The very next day I met somebody else (also somebody I did not know before!) who said she had a room for me at the Chalice Well. In high season and with a large conference going on in town, it seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle!

The conference was about orbs: light phenomena that appear on (digital) pictures and that are related to very high energy frequencies. It turns out that these pictures only appear around ley lines. (Interestingly enough this is one of the earth grids that the Reconnection plugs you in to!)
You can listen for free to Freddy Silva on the website of
the Prophets Conference. (where you can also find several other very fascinating lectures!)

The road to Glastonbury is a very long one if you travel from Amsterdam, but it is very beautiful and also passes Stonehenge. No dull moments, since I had a very interesting and enlightening companion. We talked about many things, but one important topic were the teachings of
Barry Long.
I had never heard of him before, but something in the way I understood he talks about the liberation from emotions (as opposed to feelings) and as a tool for freedom from suffering struck me. Needless to say: I came across his books in Glastonbury everywhere I looked!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Anne, needless to say I suddenly arrived on your site, reading your magical experience and the Way to Avalon!!
We were happy and honoured to have you in the house, there's no coincidence so...untill we meet again in the land of magic,
where ever that is, Sunny Lammas Blessings Cora
Sacred Pathways Holland