Saturday, August 30, 2008

Abortion - are we going back to the 60-ies?

A lot of people in new age circles claim you should not watch the news because of bad vibrations. I prefer to be informed and I think we have seen some very interesting new developments in just the last couple of days.
First of all of course the wonderful nomination of Barack Obama as first mixed race presidential candidate, but also the surprising choice of McCain for running mate Sarah Palin is very interesting.

One of the things that I would like to "zoom in" on regarding the choice for Palin, is that she is anti-abortion. In itself this is contradicting the often voiced opinion of less government interference. What is more intrusive then a government telling you whether or not you can have a baby??! And thinking of this: how unusual to assume this is going to attract the voters who would otherwise have chosen for Hillary Clinton?

I grew up in the sixties. The time when women all over were fighting for their rights and one of those rights was to determine for themselves what was happening in their own bellies. I knew for sure that I did not want to have children when I was fourteen. I had to wait till I was 24 before I found a doctor willing to do a sterilization (because I supposedly was too young for such a decision and of course all doctors were men ... ). I knew that if I would accidentally get pregnant I could not get myself to have an abortion ... An abortion is always a last resort and I cannot imagine any woman doing this for fun. So as a society we should offer a loving embrace to the women who have to go through this. After all they are the life that is already here - and isn't this about protecting life? I believe an unwanted pregnancy can happen to any woman and of course the recent Bush policies have increased the risk for young women considerably. Let's be compassionate!

Now what does the picture look like from the child's point of view?
In the case the child is born:
I think many of us know the experience of not being wanted - and does it hurt! It oftentimes takes a life of therapy to heal from this and of course if not attended goes into the higher crime rates ... just imagine the resentment, anger and feelings of rejection a child who was not wanted may carry.
What happens for the child when there is an abortion?
There are several spiritual mediums who have written about this and I get the impression that it is very different in each situation and that the soul who is sent back after the pregnancy gets broken off, can get a learning experience from this as well. The overall impression is one of forgiveness. Mind you, the real entrance of the soul in the body is only later in pregnancy, the times given are not consistent, but tend to hover around 88 days before birth.

What is also completely ignored in this whole discussion is the situation of the planet at this moment. Our species is infesting the planet to a point of suffocation. A reason to seriously think about putting more people on this earth. But also this is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves.
Also awareness about what it might mean for your own life or that of the child is a factor to take into consideration. I wonder for instance what the obviously very ambitious Sarah Palin was thinking when she put 5 children on this earth and she now thinks she can also be president of the country? How will her children experience that? Apparently she has the financial means to have somebody else take care of her (disabled) children, a choice that many of the women over whose life she may decide do not have.

For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to vote: you have a job here!

And for the rest of us: I guess we just pray that Obama gets into the White House ...

Artwork: Soft Reflection by Anne Vis

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