Thursday, August 21, 2008

Healing the "inner masculine"

Lately I have seen a lot of healers and websites pay attention to the "inner female" and the divine feminine and how that needs to be restored after such a long time of a patriarchal hierarchy in our societies.
OK, I can see that. What I also see however, is a desperate need to heal the "inner masculine" in order to be able to bring them into balance together again. What I see in a lot of women is that they express their masculine side as they see men behave in the outer world these days. Hence politicians like Hillary Clinton, who talk like men in the disguise of a woman's body. As a woman, it is imperative to express the masculine as woman. For women that would be as being "your own woman", a new and natural way. A way that supports a deeper feminine core and creativity in the outside world, without being aggressive or revert to mannerism.

For men it is also obvious that the "inner masculine" is in dire need for healing. We can see that in the way men dress for instance. A rope around the neck? Who ever invented that one? And all these young men losing their lives in the battles of old men ...

What would that look like in daily life if all masculine energy would be healed? I get visions of a peaceful world, where men and women support each other and conflicts of interest are being resolved in wisdom ...
According to
Nanco Nieling we are now in such a high vibration that we can heal our galactic karma and thus would be able to heal those parts that have been unresponsive to all our previous healing efforts.
As far as I can see, the healing of inner masculine and feminine and the balance between those resorts under a bigger galactic karma and should now be accessible to healing.
I found some methods to deal with this and am working on more ways.
If participants in the
September group healings that I offer in Amsterdam are interested, this could be one of the topics to work on.

Artwork: "
In Blue Light" by Anne Vis, available at Imagekind.

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