Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knor! :-)

The word "Knor" ("k" pronounced as in "kitchen") stands for the inner light, whether it be in humans, spirit guides or the embodiment of felines. Originally knors are from Sirius, where two races of beings were living together (more about this in the book by Murray Hope, the Sirius connection).

In my own life Knor appeared when I was in a very depressive phase of my life in 2000. I finally decided to force myself to write a children's book. It was about a witch ... and you guess it already: witches have cats! So soon enough the cat took over center stage and I found myself in stitches all the time because of the funny things the cat was doing ... needless to say: gone was the depression!

This is also a very fundamental aspect of how Knor works: it brings out the inner light! :-)
Yesterday I went for a walk through the Jordaan in Amsterdam with a good friend. I stop at every knor I see and usually when I call "knorretje" they come running, tail in the air! :-)
And just as I thought my friend was getting fed up with me and my happy knor-encounters, she told me a very remarkable story.
She is a teacher and now has a new group of 4 year old children. The children are upset and crying because they have to go to school for the first time. My friend said she was teaching the children about knors (she literally uses the word knor, and the meaning of the word is immediately understood by the children). She said they were imagining being a knor: stretching lazily, licking their "paws", being aware of the soft cushions underneath their feet and softly sneaking through the classroom ... purring ... :-) (Did you know that the sound of purring in itself is healing?)
All children were calm and peaceful afterwards ...

Image available at Anne's Imagekind Gallery

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