Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ley lines and California poppies

I'm finally getting round to working with some of the pictures that I took during my time in San Francisco. My roommate was passionate about flowers and I thankfully took shots of his many stunning flower compositions. The California poppies were definitely favorites! I wanted to bring more depth and contrast to my picture and here you can see what it now looks like ... Enjoy the flowers on your path!

Meantime I am working with some organizations of trade shows to see if I can be on a couple of shows for the fall. As inflation is on the rise it is nice to be able to offer affordable healings and an opportunity to experience Reconnective Healing in an easy way ... The information about this will appear on my websites, and

If you already had your personal Reconnection, or are considering one, you may also be interested in finding out what is known about the earth grid in which you get "plugged into".
I think the ley lines is just part of this system, but a very fascinating part. Ever since my Reconnection, I feel drawn to go to certain places on these grids and I assume that is reinforcing the connection. The Reconnection definitely changes your relationship with the planet, making it more profound ... I found an
interesting site with tons of information about ley lines and much more, be sure to check it out! :-)

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