Friday, August 1, 2008

New Age vs. Police state

I haven't been to the gym in a long time, so when I got there the other day, I was in for a surprise.
Not only had the prices gone up by 50%, but also the training times had been diminished and now (worrisome!) you can only join if you allow this company to automatically subtract the money they want from your bank account.
I have found that other gyms in Amsterdam do the same crap. Worse: not only the gyms, but as I was looking for a new host for my Dutch language website, I found they also have such crooked policies. Even to the point where you have to consent that they don't have to abide with Dutch law! Talking about violating consumers rights!
The website
Niburu posted an article about the prices of diesel in the rest of the world ... which shows you how our government steals from the citizens ...
The attitude of the people is usually grumpy, but the frustrations turn inside and nothing happens, companies and government can get away with unethical behavior. The vision of New Age is that you create your own reality, so it's all your own fault and you can only do something about it by visualizing a brilliant life with decent governments and companies.
I just don't think that the world changes just by visualizing another reality. Yes, you need to change your own vibration, but that is easier said than done, as most of it is determined by unconscious factors.
Apart from working on raising your energy vibrations, there are other things to do.
In the Netherlands the NMA is an organization that is working on fair competition between companies, which is against deals that give the clients an unfair disadvantage. So far my experience with them has been excellent, they have even contacted corrupt companies on my behalf (after which there was a swift change in policy!). I recommend to contact NMA if you are fed up with companies plundering your bank account at their whims and such ...

Another thing that helps is making people aware of what is going on. To my astonishment I find a lot of people whom I thought were reasonably intelligent, still voicing such strange visions about the world we live in.
If you want to know what is really going on, I recommend checking the alternative news sites regularly. The regular media want to push it off as just "conspiracy theories", but of course they were also the ones who supposedly knew all about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which I hope we all know was a blatant lie). Check your sources! The latest excellent documentation about what is really going on behind the scenes is the research by
Bollyn. I found it yesterday and think it is a must-read. Spirituality is not something somewhere up on a cloud, but it means we are responsible.

On a lighter note: I created an entire
series of buttons for my Cafepress store, a lot of fun to do! Nice as a gift or to brighten up your outfit! :-)

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Sharyn said...

Anne, you are right in many ways and it is vital for people to take the responsibility of their own decisions and the results of those decisions. No one is to blame, but rather every incident in each life is meant to be a tool to teach each person what they need to grow. It is all perfect, it is all on purpose.