Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sacré Coeur

Have you always wanted to visit a certain place, but it never quite seemed to manifest? Recently I have had feedback from several people that I did a personal Reconnection for who reported they suddenly got it all going! Out of the blue the solutions that enabled them to make that journey seemed to all at once arrive at their doorstep!

Since I had my personal Reconnection it seems like I am being called to visit some powerful ley lines and crossings of lines.
This time it was Paris, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur. I did not have a clue what I needed to do there, or what was waiting there for me, but had a strong calling to visit those two churches. Since it was my birthday last Sunday, I thought it would make a very nice present for myself and off I went ...
It started on Saturday early in the morning in the Notre Dame, I have been there at least once before, and did not have any specific recollection, but this time was just so different. I could feel the presence of many many angels and felt so extremely peaceful ... I spent several hours there. Those of you who read my story about
the Prophets Conference in Glastonbury a few weeks ago, will remember that I wrote about the orbs. I had never had them on a picture before, but to my surprise, after I watched my pictures of the Notre Dame two of them were crowded with orbs!

When somebody I met proposed a visit to the Sacré Coeur on Saturday night, I was getting a bit worried about my being such a party animal: visiting all those churches! :-) But I went along, and although I have been at least twice at the Sacré Coeur in my life, I was in for a new experience once again. It turned out that there was just a mass starting and my companion said he wanted to hear a specific woman sing. I normally don't really care for singing in the church, though I like the organ. But this was just out of this world ... Energy levels were going through the roof and meantime I just could not keep my eyes off the painting on the ceiling: Jesus with his arms spread, like he was flying, and at the same time blessing ... it was indeed the sacred heart ...
It feels like these places on the planet are being connected in new ways. In Amsterdam there is also a church with a very high vibration, near the Koningsplein, the Krijtberg it is called. Old churches and especially cathedrals are known to oftentimes stand on ley lines.

Art and copyright

With respect to art, I was planning on going to the Louvre, but in the end did not get round to going there. The closest I got was looking at Le Chat Noir at the bouquinistes and also a very cute version with
Knor with a very smug face as Mona Lisa ... that was just hilarious ... :-)
Today I just found out about the
Orphan law in the US. If you are an artist and have not heard of it before, make sure to sign a petition if you like to keep your copyright. Also about copyright: there is now software to blow up your images and if that is not enough yet, also the printing resolutions are lowering rapidly: 100 dpi is now enough to print a sharp image. I have been looking into this today since a Dutch art site was asking to put large images without any protection online, so that viewers can see your work better ... yes ... and just download and print it ...

Tax scam

With inflation being sky high (the real inflation is much higher than the governments want us to believe; they leave out the items that are rising in price most for their calculations), it is clear for everyone with basic education that the sales tax then also generates a huge increase in revenues for the government. It seems like at least in the Netherlands the government is deliberately misleading the public and complaining about a shortage now that they can't raise sales tax to 20%. Since journalists are either part of the complot or have not finished their primary school successfully, they buy into this. Don't let yourself be fooled! And realize too that with that they also get more power ...

The Clown by Anne Vis

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