Monday, September 29, 2008

Time and timing

Timing is everything. This last week I have been busy creating calendars. You can now see the entire overview of all my calendars on my website.
Time these days is like chewing gum: to be stretched and crunched in any direction ...
If you had your money in one of the banks that went under, you know what I am talking about. One moment you think all is secure and the next the world is rocking and you wish you could turn the clock back.

Since my Reconnection it seems that time moves more intensely. And as my tolerance for crap is approaching zero, waves are easily created ... read: people who were abusive in whatever way now have to move ... with all the consequences of that.

In another way it works such that I seem to show up at certain places exactly at the moment something is about to happen that makes it very useful that I am there at that particular moment. I attribute this to this axiatonal or axiotonal line system, that has a link to the time grids as well. (Eric Pearl calls it the
axiotonal line system and in the Keys of Enoch it is referred to as the axiatonal line system, a bit confusing ...)

Tonight (Monday September 29) is the last
group healing, so if you have a chance and see this IN TIME (:-)), please stop by!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why do we get sick or better?

Recently I watched a documentary in which two British medical doctors were visiting the jungle in Peru to study healing methods. To their surprise they found that the local people thought that ants were causing illnesses. The therapy consisted of burning out the nests of ants.

Does that sound far-fetched to you?
What about the theories in the west? Haven't we all heard about the past causing illness in the present? Or what to think of implants, curses, bad energies, ghosts ... ? Or: chemtrails? (I found a site where you can
check out the chemtrail activity)
Interestingly enough all the therapies that focus on one of these causes actually do book results. Like in the western "regular medicine" sometimes we book results and sometimes we don't. It seems to be a matter of finding out which one is the root cause.

I visited a Dutch healer the other day, or maybe I should say magician, that may be a more appropriate description. To release negative energies he used a quite unconventional method: he gave me a few hard karate chops! I was fascinated to note that I felt very emotional afterwards, but physically I did not feel any pain whatsoever.

In the wild forest of healing methods I chose to do Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, since I found the most profound results after receiving my personal Reconnection. In Reconnective Healing we do not really focus on what is the cause at all. By bringing harmony and restoring all connections, it is thought that health is a natural result. That is the theory. Now after I received those karate chops, it turned out that everyone present felt that my healings had improved ... This is very interesting, since as a Reconnective Healer I am merely a facilitator of the process, I do not actually channel energy into you at all. However, it seems that the healer's capacity to offer a full and loving presence, does influence the healing.
I invite you to come and experience this for yourself ... :-)

Flower of Light by Anne Vis

Friday, September 12, 2008

Transform your life with "Divine Self"

I've noticed that there are a lot of misunderstandings about the heart and the so popular phrase of "opening the heart".
Anyone who ever tried to deliberately "open their heart", will have noticed that this is not so easily done as it is said. The reason for that is that most of us carry a lot of wounds and stuck pain, feelings of rejection and loss and so forth in their heart. So as soon as you focus on your heart, this will come up. And what you experience can be the pain instead of the overflowing feeling of love.
I have been working for quite some time now with what I call "Divine Self". You could also call it the higher heart or the seat of the soul. This place indeed has a physical location and it sits just ABOVE the heart chakra, more or less where the thymus gland is (note the relationship with your immune system!)

Knowing where it is can be a tremendous help in working with it, because focusing your energy on this spot in time empowers the effect. You can use this spot to ask it to do all sorts of things, like healing, or transforming situations with light and love. Depending on what is needed it may take some time before you see results, but one thing that you will notice is that it is a tremendous help to stand in your own power ... the angels and ascended masters are still there to assist, but you will get a stronger feel of the co-creation that you are part of and the place you have within this totality.

Talking about the heart:
as a former dentist I know that in some countries it is very popular to prescribe antibiotics instead of treating the cause of the infection. I have always been opposed to this because of the danger of resistance against antibiotics. Also antibiotics are very hard on your heart. Now according to the
British Medical Journal, there is a substantial risk to end up in the emergency room after using antibiotics ... just so you know!

New Openings by Anne Vis

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dream Journal

Do you remember your dreams? I've noticed it is easier to remember them when you have a specific dream journal to write them down as soon as you wake up. I've just created a new journal specifically for this purpose! :-)

This past weekend I attended the open days of
bookstore Temple, located opposite CS Amsterdam.
It was very busy, especially on Sunday and it promises to become a new venue for spiritual activities, with lectures, classes and possibly also sessions. We are SO ready for some inspiring places in Amsterdam, time to put this town back on the list of top locations for spiritual balance! I was just stunned to find out on Saturday that the organization had put me right on top of a crossing of two ley lines! As you may have read in previous articles, I have been pulled to ley lines ever since my personal Reconnection ... Within a couple of months Glastonbury, soon followed by Paris and now wondering what will be next ... ? The Reconnection connects you (among other gridworks) also to the grid of ley lines, powerful earth pathways. The ley line crossing located in
bookstore Temple was originally explored extensively by Ronald Jan Heijn, the previous owner of spiritual center Oibibio at the same location.
I must say that I was stunned at the reactions from people who received a five minute sample healing. Several people were just so radiant afterwards! And everybody could feel the healing very clearly, which does not happen always.

Also the first session of
group healings I did in my neighborhood, was very well received. In time the energies will become stronger in this location. Next session is on Monday night September 15.

And on another note:
Knor would like to let you know how she is able to predict earthquakes!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by Music

In Paris I found that Berry, a new rising star in France, has a new CD that was featured in the Galleries Lafayette. I bought the CD to let it inspire me in my art, but you can also listen to part of it online at
Her music is very refreshing and relaxing, excellent background music for my
new calendar of dreamy florals, that is just out today! :-)

Another link that I have been meaning to share before, is about something completely different: this is a great article on the
astrological viewpoints on menopause. And briefly on menopause complaints from a healing point of view: it helps a tremendous lot if your kundalini channel is clear! One way to deal with that is through vortexhealing®.

Also on the topic of our environment I found an article well worth reading on the site of Scientific American which is
about the oceans.