Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dream Journal

Do you remember your dreams? I've noticed it is easier to remember them when you have a specific dream journal to write them down as soon as you wake up. I've just created a new journal specifically for this purpose! :-)

This past weekend I attended the open days of
bookstore Temple, located opposite CS Amsterdam.
It was very busy, especially on Sunday and it promises to become a new venue for spiritual activities, with lectures, classes and possibly also sessions. We are SO ready for some inspiring places in Amsterdam, time to put this town back on the list of top locations for spiritual balance! I was just stunned to find out on Saturday that the organization had put me right on top of a crossing of two ley lines! As you may have read in previous articles, I have been pulled to ley lines ever since my personal Reconnection ... Within a couple of months Glastonbury, soon followed by Paris and now wondering what will be next ... ? The Reconnection connects you (among other gridworks) also to the grid of ley lines, powerful earth pathways. The ley line crossing located in
bookstore Temple was originally explored extensively by Ronald Jan Heijn, the previous owner of spiritual center Oibibio at the same location.
I must say that I was stunned at the reactions from people who received a five minute sample healing. Several people were just so radiant afterwards! And everybody could feel the healing very clearly, which does not happen always.

Also the first session of
group healings I did in my neighborhood, was very well received. In time the energies will become stronger in this location. Next session is on Monday night September 15.

And on another note:
Knor would like to let you know how she is able to predict earthquakes!

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