Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspired by Music

In Paris I found that Berry, a new rising star in France, has a new CD that was featured in the Galleries Lafayette. I bought the CD to let it inspire me in my art, but you can also listen to part of it online at
Her music is very refreshing and relaxing, excellent background music for my
new calendar of dreamy florals, that is just out today! :-)

Another link that I have been meaning to share before, is about something completely different: this is a great article on the
astrological viewpoints on menopause. And briefly on menopause complaints from a healing point of view: it helps a tremendous lot if your kundalini channel is clear! One way to deal with that is through vortexhealing®.

Also on the topic of our environment I found an article well worth reading on the site of Scientific American which is
about the oceans.

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