Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday I was watching a Dutch news item on television. With growing amazement I must say.
It was about a new "service" for women.
No, not the gigolo, but close .... :
Dutch women can now rent a guy for €200.- an hour to accompany them to a social event. At which they can then lie about being a couple, so that the woman does not look so single .... ???!!!!

I don't know, I've never been a tough feminist. But boy, do these latest developments cry out for some action or what!??!!
What happened to women's self worth?
First we have this Palin woman going against abortion (who is the boss in her own belly?), under the false pretense of pro-life. Apparently life already present does not count: the woman who does not want the child, the young man being sent to war, or the animal helplessly being shot dead ...
And now we have the insane mentality that apparently it is not OK for a woman to go somewhere by herself?
I wonder where these ideas come from. Are we taken over by a muslim mentality in Europe? Is that what this is about?
And what if you are really single and going to an event with a rented guy and meet the man of your life who thinks you are already taken? :-)

In the New Age movement most people are more interested in finding "The Truth". (whatever that may be ...)
From a place of inner peace it seems hardly possible to feel the need to rent a guy to fake a relationship.
The time for the barricades seems past, so now it leaves us to live our "truth" convincingly enough that people get curious and want to follow naturally ...
For those of us who are still not convinced, I recommend the "
Rent-a-Knor"... :-)

A Day at the Beach by Anne Vis, available at Anne Vis Imagekind Gallery.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sparkles of light ...

With the weather turning cold and nasty and the days darkening as we approach winter, it is always nice to have a sparkle of hope and light here and there.
In a practical sense I have been printing out matchbox designs to decorate matchboxes with colorful and sunny images ... only to find that matchboxes are not being manufactured any more! I guess I am old-fashioned ... :-)
After a lot of trouble and checking out many stores, I finally found some left-over matchboxes in some corner somewhere ... so when you now come for a healing you can choose one as a present ... to bring some light in the days before Christmas! :-)

Talking about Christmas ... Of course this is the time of the year for artists to do business. But instead of coming up with Christmas designs, my muse Knor is in a romantic mood and keeps coming up with hugging and sweet knors! I guess love is in the air ... and who couldn't do with some more of that! :-)

Image: So Happy Together, available at Anne Vis Imagekind Gallery.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Healing Headlines for Knor! :-)

You always hear me talking about the healing power of knors, and this time Knor made it to the top 10 in the New York bestseller list! :-)
The book is written by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter and the title is Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. I haven't read it yet, but just this
CNN article already brought tears in my eyes, so heartwarming! So I guess I can safely recommend it!

My muse Knor has been very busy this weekend and kept me smiling as you can see in her new romantic adventures! :-) The image is called "Full Moon ..." and is available at
Anne Vis Imagekind gallery: put in FlatFright2008 as PROMO code to benefit from the $6.- flat rate shipping in the US! (expires Oct 31 10 PM PDT)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Affecting your Mood ...

When I entered the gym this morning, there was something quite different from other times: the music of the sixties was playing. I am at an age that this evokes all sorts of sentiments ... :-)
Interestingly enough other people had the same reactions and conversations followed.
Somehow the music takes us back in time and I find it interesting to note how that affects not only our mood, but also the experience of aging at a cellular level. Recently I read an article on
Science Daily where people were brought back in time: they were brought in an environment as if it was 50 years back. The difference between the two groups was that one group was speaking in past tense, while the other was using present tense. The group speaking in present tense was notably younger! It even became clear that "wallowing in the past" can actually make you older on a cellular level. To be used to your advantage ... :-)

Cafepress has introduced camcorders and I found it a nice challenge to design for these products. You can see some of them on the image above, more to follow ... :-)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creative Insight Healings

Maybe you noticed that my entire website has had a make-over and that I also added a new service: Creative Insight Healing. I have been playing with some concepts for a while. Basically because many people were asking what "I was seeing" after their Reconnective Healing. And Reconnective Healing just does not focus on "fixing"anything or getting answers to questions. It is a matter of appropriateness as Eric Pearl would say: for your romantic dinner you would light the table with candles and for your car you need big bright headlights.
For finding your answers I now can assist you with Creative Insight Healings! :-)

In Creative Insight Healings I use all the tools that I have available (a lot!) to help you find your own answers, so it is not like I am doing a reading for you. In that respect it is completely in line with the Reconnection: it gives your power back where it belongs: with you!
In practical reality this means I can guide you in a visualization where you discover what you want to know and also find the means to solve situations or answer your questions. Meantime you get full support in your process as I am doing a healing for you at the same time. This combination turns out to be very powerful and insightful. Since I am guided by what you would like to get out of your session, this is a very creative process, which will unfold differently each time it is done.

On another note I also would like to point out that my
Imagekind art gallery has a special promotion action: Free US ground shipping on Promo Code: kids2008 (expires October 14 10PM PDT)

Healing a broken heart by Anne Vis.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Health - for humans and animals

October 4 is World Animal Day. What are you doing on that day?
I thought it would be a nice day to work with the
animal healing grids. Most animals have a healing grid in and/or around the planet, the most famous being probably the dolphin grid. Through their grids they heal the planet, their species and also us humans! It would be really nice to send our love and gratitude into these grids as a special thank you to the animals. I have a special connection to Bastet, the Goddess of healing, joy and dancing of Egypt, who rules the "knor-grid", the very powerful grid of felines, which sits about three to four feet below the earth surface. It is easy to connect to this grid through the "earth star", a very important chakra that has the information of our own connection to planet earth. (also located around the same depth). Just visualize your love and gratitude flowing from your heart into the grid as a beautiful fluid golden light ... :-) It surrounds the entire planet and helps the animals, planet and us humans as well.

And talking about health: it does not take an Einstein to know that our health care system is failing. Both the regular and the alternative ... One of the biggest challenges is becoming the costs, certainly in this turbulent time. In the regular health care the bureaucracy is a big problem as well as lack of qualified people in certain areas. And in the alternative sector, it is very difficult to find a good healer between all those people who offer treatment. It can take a long time to find that healer that actually is capable of dealing with the specific complaint you are dealing with ... and thus become expensive as well ...
The good news is that more ways of alternative healing are now focusing on helping you to get back into your own power, for which in my experience the Reconnection is one of the best.
And with regard to politics: if you care for your health and live in the US: please vote for Obama!