Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Affecting your Mood ...

When I entered the gym this morning, there was something quite different from other times: the music of the sixties was playing. I am at an age that this evokes all sorts of sentiments ... :-)
Interestingly enough other people had the same reactions and conversations followed.
Somehow the music takes us back in time and I find it interesting to note how that affects not only our mood, but also the experience of aging at a cellular level. Recently I read an article on
Science Daily where people were brought back in time: they were brought in an environment as if it was 50 years back. The difference between the two groups was that one group was speaking in past tense, while the other was using present tense. The group speaking in present tense was notably younger! It even became clear that "wallowing in the past" can actually make you older on a cellular level. To be used to your advantage ... :-)

Cafepress has introduced camcorders and I found it a nice challenge to design for these products. You can see some of them on the image above, more to follow ... :-)

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