Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Creative Insight Healings

Maybe you noticed that my entire website has had a make-over and that I also added a new service: Creative Insight Healing. I have been playing with some concepts for a while. Basically because many people were asking what "I was seeing" after their Reconnective Healing. And Reconnective Healing just does not focus on "fixing"anything or getting answers to questions. It is a matter of appropriateness as Eric Pearl would say: for your romantic dinner you would light the table with candles and for your car you need big bright headlights.
For finding your answers I now can assist you with Creative Insight Healings! :-)

In Creative Insight Healings I use all the tools that I have available (a lot!) to help you find your own answers, so it is not like I am doing a reading for you. In that respect it is completely in line with the Reconnection: it gives your power back where it belongs: with you!
In practical reality this means I can guide you in a visualization where you discover what you want to know and also find the means to solve situations or answer your questions. Meantime you get full support in your process as I am doing a healing for you at the same time. This combination turns out to be very powerful and insightful. Since I am guided by what you would like to get out of your session, this is a very creative process, which will unfold differently each time it is done.

On another note I also would like to point out that my
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Healing a broken heart by Anne Vis.

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ruma2008 said...

This is a solemn work. I remind of the world of the "Nehan" of Buddha,Buddhism.ruma