Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday I was watching a Dutch news item on television. With growing amazement I must say.
It was about a new "service" for women.
No, not the gigolo, but close .... :
Dutch women can now rent a guy for €200.- an hour to accompany them to a social event. At which they can then lie about being a couple, so that the woman does not look so single .... ???!!!!

I don't know, I've never been a tough feminist. But boy, do these latest developments cry out for some action or what!??!!
What happened to women's self worth?
First we have this Palin woman going against abortion (who is the boss in her own belly?), under the false pretense of pro-life. Apparently life already present does not count: the woman who does not want the child, the young man being sent to war, or the animal helplessly being shot dead ...
And now we have the insane mentality that apparently it is not OK for a woman to go somewhere by herself?
I wonder where these ideas come from. Are we taken over by a muslim mentality in Europe? Is that what this is about?
And what if you are really single and going to an event with a rented guy and meet the man of your life who thinks you are already taken? :-)

In the New Age movement most people are more interested in finding "The Truth". (whatever that may be ...)
From a place of inner peace it seems hardly possible to feel the need to rent a guy to fake a relationship.
The time for the barricades seems past, so now it leaves us to live our "truth" convincingly enough that people get curious and want to follow naturally ...
For those of us who are still not convinced, I recommend the "
Rent-a-Knor"... :-)

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