Friday, October 3, 2008

Health - for humans and animals

October 4 is World Animal Day. What are you doing on that day?
I thought it would be a nice day to work with the
animal healing grids. Most animals have a healing grid in and/or around the planet, the most famous being probably the dolphin grid. Through their grids they heal the planet, their species and also us humans! It would be really nice to send our love and gratitude into these grids as a special thank you to the animals. I have a special connection to Bastet, the Goddess of healing, joy and dancing of Egypt, who rules the "knor-grid", the very powerful grid of felines, which sits about three to four feet below the earth surface. It is easy to connect to this grid through the "earth star", a very important chakra that has the information of our own connection to planet earth. (also located around the same depth). Just visualize your love and gratitude flowing from your heart into the grid as a beautiful fluid golden light ... :-) It surrounds the entire planet and helps the animals, planet and us humans as well.

And talking about health: it does not take an Einstein to know that our health care system is failing. Both the regular and the alternative ... One of the biggest challenges is becoming the costs, certainly in this turbulent time. In the regular health care the bureaucracy is a big problem as well as lack of qualified people in certain areas. And in the alternative sector, it is very difficult to find a good healer between all those people who offer treatment. It can take a long time to find that healer that actually is capable of dealing with the specific complaint you are dealing with ... and thus become expensive as well ...
The good news is that more ways of alternative healing are now focusing on helping you to get back into your own power, for which in my experience the Reconnection is one of the best.
And with regard to politics: if you care for your health and live in the US: please vote for Obama!

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