Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sparkles of light ...

With the weather turning cold and nasty and the days darkening as we approach winter, it is always nice to have a sparkle of hope and light here and there.
In a practical sense I have been printing out matchbox designs to decorate matchboxes with colorful and sunny images ... only to find that matchboxes are not being manufactured any more! I guess I am old-fashioned ... :-)
After a lot of trouble and checking out many stores, I finally found some left-over matchboxes in some corner somewhere ... so when you now come for a healing you can choose one as a present ... to bring some light in the days before Christmas! :-)

Talking about Christmas ... Of course this is the time of the year for artists to do business. But instead of coming up with Christmas designs, my muse Knor is in a romantic mood and keeps coming up with hugging and sweet knors! I guess love is in the air ... and who couldn't do with some more of that! :-)

Image: So Happy Together, available at Anne Vis Imagekind Gallery.

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