Friday, November 21, 2008

The mists of Avalon

Last weekend I flew from Dublin to Newquay, not quite expecting it would be such an adventure ...

As I boarded the plane, I noticed that it was propeller driven ... wasn't that type of plane built before WWII ..?!!!
Anyway, it got started with a deafening noise, which did not abode very well ... During the flight there was sort of a surreal atmosphere, almost as if the plane was not moving and we could easily slid into another dimension ...
Meanwhile the air hostess was running back and forth with sick bags, even though the ride wasn't bumpy at all.
Down below it looked cloudy. Gradually we were enveloped by thick clouds, as the plane was going down ... going down ... and then suddenly with a huge noise started to go back up again ... It looked like we were flying through the mists of Avalon ...
The pilot could not see the runway.
And as we finally found solid ground in Newquay it was almost dissappointing not to be in another realm entirely ...

Image: "Newquay" by Anne Vis, available at Redbubble.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A new light on the Sun

I love watching documentaries. Yesterday there was one on the climate on the Belgian television, called "The cloud mystery". It was about the effect of cosmic rays from the sun and other star systems on the creation of clouds, which hugely affect the temperature on earth. Of course saying anything else than that the climate changes are caused by humans is like cursing these days and the scientific papers by Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark got banned from publication.

Interestingly enough Svensmark did not give up that easily and ended up getting support from scientists in different fields of expertise in all corners of the planet. This is where true science comes in: the search for the truth and how things actually work. A tremendous accomplishment by Svensmark to continue to stand strong with actual findings against all biased views of his colleagues.

So if the sun and the way the solar system moves through the galaxies is causing the climate change, where does that leave our efforts to protect the earth?
I've never quite bought into the story that we humans are causing everything, that is mere arrogance. Not to say that I am very glad that Al Gore got this thing going, because I really would like to see a CLEAN planet and be able to breathe clean air for instance. And that in itself seems to me to be good enough a reason to think of the environment.

Also interesting in this respect is the new age thinking along the lines that we as humans can do anything we want ... Has anyone seen any evidence of this yet? In my view we can accomplish a lot ... as long as we work along with the forces of the universe, as a co-creation ...

An Unusual Day by Anne Vis

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The next step to Peace ...

Now that Obama is elected, it will be interesting to see what is going to happen to the biggest threat to safety for anyone on the planet: the continuing occupation of Palestine. As yesterday briefly the continuing israeli abuse of Palestinians was showed in the news, today this information has almost magically disappeared from the archives ... (like seems to be the rule).

The first move of Obama, appointing
Emanuel as chief of staff, is worrisome. Somebody who has zionist streaks and is clearly pro-israel is unlikely to make peace for the Palestinian people.

If there is going to be any change in the US policies towards the Middle East, it may again need to come from the ordinary people on the street in the US.
After the excellent publication by
Mearsheimer and Walt, there is really no excuse any more to play ignorant or just believe what the mainstream media are trying to tell us.
The amount of
US tax payers money being sent to israel, is just mind boggling. Do Americans realize that this is threatening their security, the security of their troops and is not in their interest at all?

Unfortunately it looks like Obama has been taken in by the US-israeli lobby, which makes one wonder whether he is being threatened or maybe his family is ... ? (after all the israelis are experts in liquidating their opponents, see history, see all "accidents" of the army ...)

Us citizens could ask for their tax money being spent more in their own interest to start with and contribute in that way not only to their own safety and well being, but to that of an entire world ...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holographic inserts

As I was watching history being written yesterday night, there was suddenly something quite interesting happening on CNN.
Wolf Blitzer announced a new phenomenon for television: they had a reporter in Chicago
holographically projected to the studio thousands of miles away!
We could see her as if she was standing in the studio, 3D!

Now why is this so noteworthy, apart from it being a tremendous technical accomplishment? (I must say I was impressed with the technical possibilities displayed on CNN all over!)
About a year ago I heard for the first time about "holographic implants". These are projections of places/people or whatever someone wants to be projected at locations that are different from where the "original" is, if there is an original at all ( ...?).
It is said that for instance in the war situations in the Middle East extraterrestials have inserted these holographic projections.
It is very difficult to distinguish if something is real or a holographic projection. So people react to these projections as if they were real, creating all sorts of stuff ...

Now I don't know who is creating these projections and one can only guess what their purpose is. (there are some theories which may or may not hold truth, see this one for instance.) When I saw this holographic projection yesterday, I thought they might become more clear and be debunked easier ... It seems there is a very subtle difference as to how they feel energetically as opposed to our "reality".

In these times where new hope is born, we may be able to see more clearly and the veils of illusion are thinning ...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Reconnective Healing Experiences

Yesterday I was on a new age trade show, to offer Reconnective Healing® sessions.
Interestingly enough the organization had placed my booth next to another Reconnective Healer.
She has given it her own twist, like a lot of people also did with the Reiki energies. It looks like Reconnective Healing® is also developing in that direction: a lot of "upgraded" versions. I think this is a natural development, as there are constantly new frequencies being added to what we already know. When you also change the way in which you work, you can't really call it Reconnective Healing® any more. I am curious to see whether the results are going to be more spectacular. I am fond of "miracle healings"! :-)

I also discovered that there are some phenomena associated with Reconnective Healing® that I have not heard other people mention before, but turn out to be happening with others as well.
One is that I noticed lately that I seem to be smelling a lot more than other people. I first thought it had to do with my new air purifier, but now I found that other people also experienced this: an increased ability to smell.

The other thing that happens in association with Reconnective Healing® is rumbling of the belly. I noticed this in my clients, and thought it may be associated with lying down as well, but it is way more intensive than that. Also my own belly starts to be noisy when I am doing the healings. My neighbor said she has also noticed this and said she attributes it to digestion of "stuff", which I find an interesting explanation. Also increased nausea seems to happen more. Phenomena associated with a deeper transformation of energies ...

Though these experiences on the outside may seem a mixed bag of blessings, on a more profound level they indicate deeper healing and more happening than we may be aware of.

In the Flow ... by Anne Vis