Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holographic inserts

As I was watching history being written yesterday night, there was suddenly something quite interesting happening on CNN.
Wolf Blitzer announced a new phenomenon for television: they had a reporter in Chicago
holographically projected to the studio thousands of miles away!
We could see her as if she was standing in the studio, 3D!

Now why is this so noteworthy, apart from it being a tremendous technical accomplishment? (I must say I was impressed with the technical possibilities displayed on CNN all over!)
About a year ago I heard for the first time about "holographic implants". These are projections of places/people or whatever someone wants to be projected at locations that are different from where the "original" is, if there is an original at all ( ...?).
It is said that for instance in the war situations in the Middle East extraterrestials have inserted these holographic projections.
It is very difficult to distinguish if something is real or a holographic projection. So people react to these projections as if they were real, creating all sorts of stuff ...

Now I don't know who is creating these projections and one can only guess what their purpose is. (there are some theories which may or may not hold truth, see this one for instance.) When I saw this holographic projection yesterday, I thought they might become more clear and be debunked easier ... It seems there is a very subtle difference as to how they feel energetically as opposed to our "reality".

In these times where new hope is born, we may be able to see more clearly and the veils of illusion are thinning ...

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