Friday, November 14, 2008

A new light on the Sun

I love watching documentaries. Yesterday there was one on the climate on the Belgian television, called "The cloud mystery". It was about the effect of cosmic rays from the sun and other star systems on the creation of clouds, which hugely affect the temperature on earth. Of course saying anything else than that the climate changes are caused by humans is like cursing these days and the scientific papers by Danish researcher Henrik Svensmark got banned from publication.

Interestingly enough Svensmark did not give up that easily and ended up getting support from scientists in different fields of expertise in all corners of the planet. This is where true science comes in: the search for the truth and how things actually work. A tremendous accomplishment by Svensmark to continue to stand strong with actual findings against all biased views of his colleagues.

So if the sun and the way the solar system moves through the galaxies is causing the climate change, where does that leave our efforts to protect the earth?
I've never quite bought into the story that we humans are causing everything, that is mere arrogance. Not to say that I am very glad that Al Gore got this thing going, because I really would like to see a CLEAN planet and be able to breathe clean air for instance. And that in itself seems to me to be good enough a reason to think of the environment.

Also interesting in this respect is the new age thinking along the lines that we as humans can do anything we want ... Has anyone seen any evidence of this yet? In my view we can accomplish a lot ... as long as we work along with the forces of the universe, as a co-creation ...

An Unusual Day by Anne Vis

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