Monday, November 3, 2008

Reconnective Healing Experiences

Yesterday I was on a new age trade show, to offer Reconnective Healing® sessions.
Interestingly enough the organization had placed my booth next to another Reconnective Healer.
She has given it her own twist, like a lot of people also did with the Reiki energies. It looks like Reconnective Healing® is also developing in that direction: a lot of "upgraded" versions. I think this is a natural development, as there are constantly new frequencies being added to what we already know. When you also change the way in which you work, you can't really call it Reconnective Healing® any more. I am curious to see whether the results are going to be more spectacular. I am fond of "miracle healings"! :-)

I also discovered that there are some phenomena associated with Reconnective Healing® that I have not heard other people mention before, but turn out to be happening with others as well.
One is that I noticed lately that I seem to be smelling a lot more than other people. I first thought it had to do with my new air purifier, but now I found that other people also experienced this: an increased ability to smell.

The other thing that happens in association with Reconnective Healing® is rumbling of the belly. I noticed this in my clients, and thought it may be associated with lying down as well, but it is way more intensive than that. Also my own belly starts to be noisy when I am doing the healings. My neighbor said she has also noticed this and said she attributes it to digestion of "stuff", which I find an interesting explanation. Also increased nausea seems to happen more. Phenomena associated with a deeper transformation of energies ...

Though these experiences on the outside may seem a mixed bag of blessings, on a more profound level they indicate deeper healing and more happening than we may be aware of.

In the Flow ... by Anne Vis

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