Monday, December 15, 2008

Gotan Project

Yesterday the Gotan Project gave a concert in Amsterdam (completely sold out) and I went to see them with a couple of friends. For a visual artist it can be very interesting to find inspiration in music. The Gotan Project is a mesmerizing mix of different styles that are added to a base of tango music. Like in science, where the areas of overlap between different disciplines are the fields of high creativity and new developments, this is also true for the arts.

The start was not flying ... they were half an hour late and then the first songs where played behind a veil that was supposed to create artistic effects, but failed to do so for me and most people around me ... But then ... the veil lifted and the music got to its real potential ... An outstanding show! I have two CD's by the Gotan Project, but nothing had prepared me for what followed ... it was just mind blowing, the music and also the visuals ...

For some reason the lighting reminded me of the Dutch master painters.
One of their very strong points was their lighting. Especially Ruysdael was an expert at that.
Lighting can make or break an artwork. It can also make something simple an extraordinary experience ... especially with a sophisticated use of color, like the Gotan Project show. It created a very sensual and sexy atmosphere, which is of course also the realm of tango ...

The image you see above is one of my new tile designs, which is already available at
Loudeac Tile Studio. Other designs will soon follow as I am updating the entire tile section of Sunny Sites.

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