Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On chocolate and news

I thought I had somewhat recovered from my "dentist view" of people's teeth, until I was watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN and could not help thinking what a stunning set of teeth does for a smile ... :-) So today I would like to point out some good news for chocolate lovers: Belgium chocolate manufacturer Deskalid├ęs has developed a sugar-free chocolate. I must admit that I don't care at all for chocolate myself, so you need to do your own research into other health aspects of this product ... (yes, I am aware that I am blessed ... :-)))

Another aspect of taking good care of your teeth is a recent study that found a
relationship between gum disease and mental health.

So far the dental news ... :-)

I stay with news, since I saw other stuff that I found interesting as well. An article that confirms the feel of being connected to "all that is" in a very cute way:
Research shows that cars have a "personality" ... :-) Now the next step would be of course what it tells us about you when you choose a particular type of car ... :-)

And for those of us who are interested in what is happening behind the scenes on our planet, I advise to Google the words "Mossad" and "Mumbai" together. I am afraid it does not make you feel as happy as the previous news-items though, so be warned!

So far short news items. I am working on an article about astrology which needs quite a bit of research, so stay with me, it will come out later this month.

Artwork above is called "
Hope" - by Anne Vis, available through Imagekind.

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DavidT Photographs from Australia said...

Hi Anne I lve your art, it has a spiritual dimension. regards David(Sydney)