Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pluto & the lost generation ...

In 2008 the "lost generation" turned 50. For some reason I have met an unusual number of them this past year and at some point it struck me that they all have a similar story. I could even almost tell if somebody was from 1958 just by listening to their story!

This generation is called the "lost generation" because they were the first who could not find a job after they qualified from university. The baby boomers had taken it all! They started to drift sideways and when they came back to their original career paths at some point found they had been surpassed by the children of the baby boomers.

They tried to get some sort of career in their life and some managed more or less for a while, until about ten years ago.
This was when Pluto started in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom! And this of course hit the Pluto in their birth charts, as Pluto moved from Leo to Virgo when they were born. It is also striking in that respect to notice that most people I met have a distinct attitude of service to humanity, whether they got into the financial world or turned out to be doctors ...

But when Pluto hit Sagittarius life hit particularly hard on the lost generation: they felt they did not fit into society any more at all. Some struggled on in regular career paths, but found intense problems. Most lost the connection with the "normal working world" altogether. Having literally "lost their way" they were drifting for quite a while and found they could not fit back in in any way. Most had a remarkable amount of education, so starting another study was not the answer either. I found a large number of them started their own business.

And that is where the pain is sitting now. For most it started about one and a half year ago: yes, when Pluto started to make a move for Capricorn ... Challenges in all respects and like for everybody else the financial crisis is also adding up to the big question: what next?

It is also interesting to note how this entire generation is "self made", they could not identify with their careers as defining who they are and they did not have a life that was clearly set out for them to begin with. They had to create their own identity regardless what was happening in society.
I did not get as strong a resonance from people in the US as from the people in the Netherlands, which is also interesting.
Pluto can give an overwhelming feeling of "fate", something you do not have under control ( ... ) This may fit in better with the Calvinist attitude of the Dutch than with the American view of life, which is more about creating your own "fate".

Yesterday I watched an interview with Isabel Allende for Dutch television. The interviewer asked if she had an advice for people. She said: Do not be afraid. And then she added that you cannot control the big things in life anyway, like she could not control the coup in Chile and the death of her daughter and many other "big events" in her life.

Whether it is fate or not, we are here and maybe there is a reason for that. It is interesting to see how in general the attitude towards work and also the structuring of work has changed in the last thirty years. It is way more flexible.
Pluto is about transformation and it goes on until it has reached the core, there is no escape. In fact it is a deep healing process, slowly clearing out all that is not needed any more and then like the rise of the Phoenix, something new is born ... :-)
It will still be a couple of years of the transit, so it is too early to say where it is heading and it will of course also be different for each individual depending where in their chart Pluto sits ...
They say that you can either move with Pluto voluntarily or it will just force you to change ...
May the changes be for the better in the New Year!
Happy Holidays!

"A Bright Future" by Anne Vis


nobu said...

I like this image, cool!

"lost generation"..,,
I was born in 1958.
It was the year Tokyo tower was built.

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Merry Christmas. Hope Sants blessed you with everything on your wishlist.