Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop violation human rights

As Amsterdam around me is turning into a war zone for New Year celebration, I have an altogether different war on my mind.

Today I went to The Hague (yet again! Sigh ...) to join a demonstration to end the genocide in Gaza. There were around a thousand people according to the news. Which is a large number considering it was New Year's eve and extremely foggy and cold.

The next demonstration is scheduled for Saturday January 3 and will be held in Amsterdam at the Museumplein. It starts at 1:00 PM, make sure you'll be there if you are in the Netherlands!

Meantime I found an
article which states that Kucinich sent a letter to Secretary General Ban ki-Moon urging the United Nations to establish an independent inquiry of Israel’s war against Gaza. The attacks on civilians represent collective punishment, which is a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
There are voices to
revoke israels membership to the UN, which makes sense. They have been ignoring the UN ever since they got there and since their recognition as a state was conditional and they have not met the conditions, legally they are not a state now. (which also has not been reinforced, like non of the other resolutions ...)
It would be very nice if Obama would really go for change, which I haven't seen in the appointments for his cabinet so far ...

I ask everyone to please put up the pressure on law makers and governments and such, sign online petitions, contact national government and let yourself be heard. This is not the time to just sit and watch, this is affecting all of us. I also call for a complete BOYCOT of israel.

The sign on the picture says that Anne Frank would turn around in her grave if she could ... shame on israel!
To see a map of Palestine as it was before compared to what it is now,
visit my website.


Gattina said...

Thanks for your comment on my cat blog. My main blog is Writer's Cramps ! My son is living in Amsterdam and we spent Christmas there with them.
There will be no peace in Gaza as long as there are so many American jews ! that's the whole problem. It was already a mistake at the very beginning to create Israel in the middle of muslim countries, with the excuse that the Jews came from there ! that was 2000 years ago ! The people who escaped concentration camps and Hitler's crazyness, they wanted peace a land and be happy. The world was big enough to find another place, but the Americans wanted to have a country amongst the arabs so that they had some control and informations. The Isreal people who fight today are the children of the once who escaped death and as they cannot understand that so many of their relatives died without defending themselves, they just fall now in the opposite and take their revenge. As you say, in some way it is good that Anne Frank doesn't see this disaster !

Anne Vis said...

Thanks, you are SO right! However, I think even in the US some jews are waking up ... and also there are israelis who refuse to fight (and are now in prison with the thousands of Palestinians ...)
If nobody wants to fight there is no war ...

Boise Diva said...

It's a tough conflict for anyone to understand, with bad players on all sides, but I believe more good players than bad - which brings me hope!

Joni said...

Your images and your write ups are both very fascinating! I hope the building across the canal from you doesn't become like what happens all over here in the US. A big ugly modern, cheaply built building that doesn't go at all with its surroundings. Sad. Glad you got rid of your bad neighbor!