Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop violation human rights

As Amsterdam around me is turning into a war zone for New Year celebration, I have an altogether different war on my mind.

Today I went to The Hague (yet again! Sigh ...) to join a demonstration to end the genocide in Gaza. There were around a thousand people according to the news. Which is a large number considering it was New Year's eve and extremely foggy and cold.

The next demonstration is scheduled for Saturday January 3 and will be held in Amsterdam at the Museumplein. It starts at 1:00 PM, make sure you'll be there if you are in the Netherlands!

Meantime I found an
article which states that Kucinich sent a letter to Secretary General Ban ki-Moon urging the United Nations to establish an independent inquiry of Israel’s war against Gaza. The attacks on civilians represent collective punishment, which is a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
There are voices to
revoke israels membership to the UN, which makes sense. They have been ignoring the UN ever since they got there and since their recognition as a state was conditional and they have not met the conditions, legally they are not a state now. (which also has not been reinforced, like non of the other resolutions ...)
It would be very nice if Obama would really go for change, which I haven't seen in the appointments for his cabinet so far ...

I ask everyone to please put up the pressure on law makers and governments and such, sign online petitions, contact national government and let yourself be heard. This is not the time to just sit and watch, this is affecting all of us. I also call for a complete BOYCOT of israel.

The sign on the picture says that Anne Frank would turn around in her grave if she could ... shame on israel!
To see a map of Palestine as it was before compared to what it is now,
visit my website.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The New Jerusalem

Strange things are happening lately.
About a year ago I was in a time travel experience, suddenly finding myself about 100 miles from where I was just moments earlier.
This time (...) it seems to be a timewarp back in time, in an altogether different way ...

It all started with the famous "shoe incident" with president Bush. :-) A friend of mine was enthusiastically playing all the games online and said he regretted I did not have the "whack-a-toothanimal" online any more, one of his favorites! :-)
This was a game I created years ago as part of the Happy Smile Project, an oral health promotion project that also had a website with, apart from tons of information on oral health, games and fun stuff for children ...
So I started to think it would be nice to make all this information available again and completely restyle and update the website ... plunging me back in time ten years, when I used to be a pediatric dentist in the Middle East.

And through some sort of bizarre leap of fate, I had decided a couple of weeks before Christmas to put up a featured homepage for peace for Palestine. Little did I know it was going to be such a mess again!

So, ten years later, I find myself once again involved in dentistry and back to demonstrate for Palestine.
I am so upset with all the news coming from Gaza that this morning I decided to read a bit in the bible (yes, indeed! ...:-)))) and got to the revelations of John (I think, I have a Dutch version ...) about the New Jerusalem. And I read about the diamond walls, the beautiful crystals, and all the angels ... there be no nights no more, just light ...

I was in Jerusalem (and Gaza) in 2000, just before the second Intifadah started ... I have never been in such a horrible place as Jerusalem, it is filled with hate and has blood all over. Maybe that is because I am very sensitive to energies of places. I can oftentimes see and feel what has happened somewhere, sometimes long ago ...

A lot of Palestinians are Christian, I hope that within all these difficult times, they are able to keep the focus on the light and see what John saw ... times of beauty and peace ...
I keep doing distance healings for the Palestinian people and hope if you are a healer reading this, you do too ...

The Madonna by Anne Vis.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peace again ...

Be honest: would you consider a nation that is destroying other countries, keeping millions of people imprisoned, supporting "apartheid" and being the mastermind behind 9/11 and Mumbai, as a nation striving for peace?

It seems that finally, after ignoring all UN resolutions ever since it got there, there are now
voices to revoke the membership of israel from the UN.

Iran, having never recognized israel as a state, is now
sending ships with aid to Palestine. I really wonder how they think they are going to break through the israeli blockage of the borders ...

And in the news today yet AGAIN:
israeli aggression in Gaza ...
Nothing new ... when are we as people of this world going to call it a day ... ?

Inside The Dream by Anne Vis
Just a reminder of what the focus is here ... a peaceful world for all ...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pluto & the lost generation ...

In 2008 the "lost generation" turned 50. For some reason I have met an unusual number of them this past year and at some point it struck me that they all have a similar story. I could even almost tell if somebody was from 1958 just by listening to their story!

This generation is called the "lost generation" because they were the first who could not find a job after they qualified from university. The baby boomers had taken it all! They started to drift sideways and when they came back to their original career paths at some point found they had been surpassed by the children of the baby boomers.

They tried to get some sort of career in their life and some managed more or less for a while, until about ten years ago.
This was when Pluto started in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom! And this of course hit the Pluto in their birth charts, as Pluto moved from Leo to Virgo when they were born. It is also striking in that respect to notice that most people I met have a distinct attitude of service to humanity, whether they got into the financial world or turned out to be doctors ...

But when Pluto hit Sagittarius life hit particularly hard on the lost generation: they felt they did not fit into society any more at all. Some struggled on in regular career paths, but found intense problems. Most lost the connection with the "normal working world" altogether. Having literally "lost their way" they were drifting for quite a while and found they could not fit back in in any way. Most had a remarkable amount of education, so starting another study was not the answer either. I found a large number of them started their own business.

And that is where the pain is sitting now. For most it started about one and a half year ago: yes, when Pluto started to make a move for Capricorn ... Challenges in all respects and like for everybody else the financial crisis is also adding up to the big question: what next?

It is also interesting to note how this entire generation is "self made", they could not identify with their careers as defining who they are and they did not have a life that was clearly set out for them to begin with. They had to create their own identity regardless what was happening in society.
I did not get as strong a resonance from people in the US as from the people in the Netherlands, which is also interesting.
Pluto can give an overwhelming feeling of "fate", something you do not have under control ( ... ) This may fit in better with the Calvinist attitude of the Dutch than with the American view of life, which is more about creating your own "fate".

Yesterday I watched an interview with Isabel Allende for Dutch television. The interviewer asked if she had an advice for people. She said: Do not be afraid. And then she added that you cannot control the big things in life anyway, like she could not control the coup in Chile and the death of her daughter and many other "big events" in her life.

Whether it is fate or not, we are here and maybe there is a reason for that. It is interesting to see how in general the attitude towards work and also the structuring of work has changed in the last thirty years. It is way more flexible.
Pluto is about transformation and it goes on until it has reached the core, there is no escape. In fact it is a deep healing process, slowly clearing out all that is not needed any more and then like the rise of the Phoenix, something new is born ... :-)
It will still be a couple of years of the transit, so it is too early to say where it is heading and it will of course also be different for each individual depending where in their chart Pluto sits ...
They say that you can either move with Pluto voluntarily or it will just force you to change ...
May the changes be for the better in the New Year!
Happy Holidays!

"A Bright Future" by Anne Vis

Friday, December 19, 2008

SALE! :-)

The last couple of days I have been working hard to create new art and you can see most of it in my art gallery at Imagekind. And as a holiday gift I lowered all prices!

Also the
tile section in Sunny Sites is completely new and I invite you to check it out! :-)

And: in the news: an article in the British Medical Journal on "
festive medical myths" ... good to know! :-)
Enjoy the Holiday Season! :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gotan Project

Yesterday the Gotan Project gave a concert in Amsterdam (completely sold out) and I went to see them with a couple of friends. For a visual artist it can be very interesting to find inspiration in music. The Gotan Project is a mesmerizing mix of different styles that are added to a base of tango music. Like in science, where the areas of overlap between different disciplines are the fields of high creativity and new developments, this is also true for the arts.

The start was not flying ... they were half an hour late and then the first songs where played behind a veil that was supposed to create artistic effects, but failed to do so for me and most people around me ... But then ... the veil lifted and the music got to its real potential ... An outstanding show! I have two CD's by the Gotan Project, but nothing had prepared me for what followed ... it was just mind blowing, the music and also the visuals ...

For some reason the lighting reminded me of the Dutch master painters.
One of their very strong points was their lighting. Especially Ruysdael was an expert at that.
Lighting can make or break an artwork. It can also make something simple an extraordinary experience ... especially with a sophisticated use of color, like the Gotan Project show. It created a very sensual and sexy atmosphere, which is of course also the realm of tango ...

The image you see above is one of my new tile designs, which is already available at
Loudeac Tile Studio. Other designs will soon follow as I am updating the entire tile section of Sunny Sites.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Road to Peace

I found some very good news today: a group of young israelis who refuse to fight against the Palestinians. And they need our support! Click here to go to their website.

Meantime it seems like I am getting really addicted to creating abstracts! :-) They are so much fun to create! The one you see here is a brand new one, called
Joy and available through Imagekind

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On chocolate and news

I thought I had somewhat recovered from my "dentist view" of people's teeth, until I was watching Fareed Zakaria on CNN and could not help thinking what a stunning set of teeth does for a smile ... :-) So today I would like to point out some good news for chocolate lovers: Belgium chocolate manufacturer Deskalid├ęs has developed a sugar-free chocolate. I must admit that I don't care at all for chocolate myself, so you need to do your own research into other health aspects of this product ... (yes, I am aware that I am blessed ... :-)))

Another aspect of taking good care of your teeth is a recent study that found a
relationship between gum disease and mental health.

So far the dental news ... :-)

I stay with news, since I saw other stuff that I found interesting as well. An article that confirms the feel of being connected to "all that is" in a very cute way:
Research shows that cars have a "personality" ... :-) Now the next step would be of course what it tells us about you when you choose a particular type of car ... :-)

And for those of us who are interested in what is happening behind the scenes on our planet, I advise to Google the words "Mossad" and "Mumbai" together. I am afraid it does not make you feel as happy as the previous news-items though, so be warned!

So far short news items. I am working on an article about astrology which needs quite a bit of research, so stay with me, it will come out later this month.

Artwork above is called "
Hope" - by Anne Vis, available through Imagekind.