Thursday, December 31, 2009


I went to see Amreeka yesterday.
It is always very emotional to me to see the humiliations the Palestinians have to deal with on a daily basis, it really breaks my heart. And then I must say the film was making it as light as one can possibly make this. It is heartwarming to notice how people support each other and stick together in difficult situations, so much love ...

There is an
international protest now at the Egyptian border.
During WWII the Dutch did hardly do anything to stop the atrocities against the jews. Out of guild they now help the israelis in all possible ways, thereby making the same mistake again: not doing anything against the Holocaust repeating itself in Camp Gaza.
And with us the rest of the world ...

I am dreaming of a new world ... In it there is also a state called Palestine, where arabs and jews live ... all in peace and prosperity ...
Happy New Year to all.

Airtravel now obsolete?

Fractal Flower - art by Anne VisAccording to our minister of Interior Affairs, the US has blackmailed the Netherlands to impose full body searches (including fumbling with the genitals) or else there would be no plane able to land on US soil.
I find it highly suspicious that this is the umpteenth time that US intelligence ignores information (11 countries warned about 9/11), it gives the impression that this is a strategy. I guess the Rumsfelds of this world are building this body scan machine? (just like Rumsfeld is behind Tamiflu?)
The next thing we are going to see is that people can also hide weapons inside their body, like the people smuggling cocaine have shown.
Fumbling with somebody's genitals against their will is a crime. Is the next thing that rape is going to be legalized on a large scale at airports? It is already the case for flights from Suriname, so don't hold your breath.
Also: what are they going to do with a woman who has her period and uses sanitary bandages? And what about children? Are they going to be traumatized for life? (I already see the pedophiles lining up for a job at security)
How far are we going in order to have so called "security"? And why is there no questioning about the reasons for these attacks? Do our governments really think they can get away with destroying Iraq and other countries without consequences?
Just last week in one evening in Amsterdam there were over a hundred car accidents. In comparison flying is so safe.
However, with the measures that are taken now, one will think twice about taking a plane, especially across the pond.
It's very disappointing that Obama turns out to be the Bush administration, term 3.

A couple of years ago I had a time travel experience (IN body!). I was driving with a friend in the Netherlands, when we suddenly found ourselves far in Germany, close to Oberhausen. This happened spontaneously. I think the time has come we learn how to master this skill, traveling deliberately to the destination we want and also be able to travel back when and if we want. As far as I know yogis who have practiced for years master these skills, but maybe with the changes in frequencies there will be new ways to learn how to do this. At least we have a great incentive now! Let me know if you know of somebody who can teach this! :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Listen ...

Merry Christmas!Knor just loves my latest efforts to learn to play keyboard. In addition to the fun of stepping on a regular computer keyboard, she now also gets the sound effects! :-)
And what is more fun on Christmas Eve than to learn how to play Silent Night ... :-)
Unfortunately our play is not up to a standard that I can let you hear what we are doing yet ... :-)

I have been meditating several hours a day lately and it is listening to my heart that resonates with the music ...
And this is a good time to listen to our hearts ... (always!!!)
Anyway, we hope you are warm and safe and wish you a beautiful and heartwarming time! :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Free Ecards

Free Holiday Ecards by Anne VisWe've updated the free ecard section at Sunny Sites with Holiday cards! :-)
These images will not be available as prints since they take extremely long to render, so enjoy them as a free card! Note: people do not need to go to the site, the card is deliverd right in their mailbox! :-)

If you are still looking for gifts for the Holidays, check out our
Online Art Store. No need to run through busy shops or bad weather! Free ground shipping with purchases over $50.- for just 3 more days, details on the site.

This afternoon you can meet
Knor and myself in Amsterdam in spiritual center Temple.
We're offering Reconnective Healing® drop-in sessions. It's not sure how long we will still be able to offer this service in this format, so if you can, do come by today!

And another small news item that is not about our own activities, but that I found in the Dutch news: It turns out that biological food can in some cases be MORE polluted and/or contaminated than regular food. This goes especially for meat (which you may steer clear from anyway) and eggs, that are polluted with dioxins. Always good to know ...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Global Cooling

Knor Coffee Mug - design by Anne VisWhile the politicians in Copenhagen are discussing something they call global warming, the rest of us is trying to get used to the global cooling. Personally I think what we should be really dealing with now is the environmental pollution and the overpopulation, but that seems to have become a minor issue in the view of the perceived "global warming".
There is a lot of information on the internet that tells us that the
statistics have been manipulated, not to mention of course the hacked emails. I found a channeling about the climate issue from Kryon. He repeats that we are headed for a global cooling.
With my common sense: if the north pole is melting, then the warm ocean current can not reach Europe any more and at least here we are instantly in another ice age ... nothing warm about that!

Knor insists the angels will help us to find ways to deal with whatever we are about to face. Stay together and keep a warm heart ...
Hot coffee may help too! :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Opening to the Light - by Anne VisNo words today ...
Let the
fractal image speak for itself ...
Also: sale on
Imagekind: 20% off custom framing, promo code HolidayGifts09, expires December 7 2009, midnight PST.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Vision

A New Vision - by Anne VisSometimes I like to experiment, as you can see here ... :-)
I think it is also what is needed for all of us in general: a fresh way to look at things and a creative mind to come up with solutions for our challenges.

A Holiday is an interruption of daily routine and in that respect a great opportunity to receive inspiration ...

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

We still have a big sale going on in
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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Living Matrix

The Time Machine - by Anne VisI knew that Eric Pearl is in Amsterdam now, but I only found out at the last moment that yesterday was also the Dutch premiere of The Living Matrix. And this was accompanied by a panel discussion with Lynne McTaggart, Greg Becker (the movie maker), Rupert Sheldrake (watch the cat movie on Rupert's website! :-))) and Eric Pearl.

There is a whole lot of talking going on in this movie and it resembles the Secret. There is less of the "think yourself happy" stuff and that is a bonus, as most of us now have discovered that changing your thinking does not work.
The new healing is about adding the right information or frequencies to the local field of the individual.
During the panel discussion Eric Pearl was stealing the show. He has brilliant insights that unravel delusion from truth and he is very funny as well.
One of the questions from the audience involved a very calvinistic and in the Netherlands very common theme: "We need to "learn" from the disease so it has to stay until we have learned that lesson." Eric Pearl notes that you are limiting yourself a great deal with this attitude and that you can get "your lessons" on levels that are beyond your awareness.
This matched nicely with an experience I had this past weekend during the vortexhealing® class. I had at some point the feeling like nothing was happening as I was channeling a healing. One of the teachers looked into that (he is very clairvoyant) and said that I was actually very effective, but that the healing took place on another level beyond what I was looking at.
That all does not mean not to continue looking for ways to heal on all levels, as Lynne McTaggart pointed out: not every way of healing is for everyone.
I continue to offer Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® as so far I have found these to be the most powerful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Magical Earth ...

Where Fairies Dwell - by Anne VisThis past weekend there was an Earthshift class with vortexhealing® in London. Knor had been begging for weeks we go there, since she wanted to play with the fairies! :-)
The purpose of the class was to clear Gaia of the film of human consciousness that was covering her. This film made it difficult to get a real connection to nature. Now that it is gone everyone should be able to get a more direct and natural connection to trees, plants, animals and even buildings!
So I wonder if you can feel that, let me know!

We got a device installed in our third eye to be able to see with fairies' eyes.
In my case this resulted more in hearing giggling and rustling of leaves as well as pieces of music drifting in and out ... quite magical indeed ...

The artwork you can see here is called "
Where Fairies Dwell ..." and is as of today available in our online gallery.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Smiling ... :-)

Happiness binder - design by Anne VisWhen I see a knor behind a window (you can see pictures on the calendar The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam), I usually stop for a chat. So yesterday I was talking with one of the lovely knors here in the street, when someone patted me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw my neighbors, who asked me something. As I was talking with them I suddenly heard a loud banging against the window: knor slapping her pawsjes against the glass and demanding attention NOW! :-) It was so hilarious, and as soon as I started patting her (virtually) she snoozed up against the window ... So sweet! :-)))

I created designs for binders. There are three now, also one with seashells and one with music. You can find them in the
new products section of our online art store.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inspired by fairies ...

Golden Heart - by Anne VisThe Holidays are coming up again. For most artists this means creating Christmas designs and putting more effort in promotion. (I just published my art newsletter)
I rarely start an artwork with the end result in mind: I start and then the art decides what is going to be created. So if it turns out to be suitable for the Holidays, like the one you can see here, that's good luck! :-)
Lately my inner flow seems to be more influenced by fairies.
In my healing work I recently had a client who had strong ties to the fairy world and even the looks of a fairy. And sure enough the entire week all clients were telling me that they were seeing fairies during the healings!
Fairies take care of planet earth and are beautiful light beings, although they can be very naughty (:-)).
Knor loves to play with them! :-) It is interesting that they appear around me, living in the heart of a city with hardly any nature around at all! In the coming weeks I have planned several activities focused on the connection to earth, so it will be interesting to see how that will develop.
This coming week the 11:11:11 stargate will be opened, which is going to be a powerful event according to many
channels. Traditionally in the Netherlands November 11 used to be St. Maarten, a day to let the light chase away evil spirits. It is now more or less replaced by Halloween. I think the fairies here like some older traditions, so November 11 may hold some magical surprises indeed ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Who is God?

Knor's Magical World - art by Anne VisThere is one statement by Ayn Rand that made a particular impression: Check your premises.

The last couple of months I have been exploring my relationship to God. It started when I followed a thetahealing class and was asked to connect to "Creator". I had an instant aversion to the word and it became the beginning of a search as to who or what God is (again!). Being raised atheist I never related to a religious God, although I've always had a special relationship to Jesus. Also the word "Source" did not quite do it for me. I had an extra session thetahealing to work specifically on this issue, but it just did not work.

I noticed I also had some sort of mistrust, as God would also be the creator of wars and such. I still haven't worked out Byron Katie's view on this, who is always loving and peaceful towards even violence. Is she a dreamer or has she really cracked a code that seems to be out of my grasp?
The God of Neale Donald Walsh is described as the life force itself, more like the morphogenetic field as Rupert Sheldrake has found.
These are all interesting concepts to play with, but are they the answer?

In old Egyptian times, Roman times or today in Hinduism, there are more Gods, not just one. In my experience it makes a tangible difference in daily life to whom or what you connect, even though we all may be "one". It's like the company you choose influences what is happening for you. Could it be that there is a more pure source than our monotheistic "God"? Could it be that it would work better to just call in the quality instead of a deity, like for instance connect to highest love and light?
That is one of things that is so beautiful in Lightbody meditation: you can call in the frequencies you would like to add. After all everything is vibration.

As I was pondering all these questions, my muse
Knor was traveling through the universes, one of the things she can't get enough of ... :-))) And she found herself on a planet where there are multiple suns ... sun as a symbol for God ...

I have a huge sale on all artwork available in my
online gallery. You will not see huge signs, but notice that all prices are considerably lower! Now is the time to get one of the paintings you always liked! :-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Remarkable ...

Bookmarks by Anne VisAs in the outside world many things happen that really cannot face daylight, I am always pleased to be able to withdraw in the magical world of art and healing.
I am so happy to be able to create new work again, after weeks of computer problems. I want to give my thumbs up here for LG: I called them that my monitor was so dark and I could not get it to work properly any more. I expected some instructions or suggestions, but they said: no worries, we'll just give you a new one! The next day somebody came to my house to replace the monitor! This was after I had the monitor for over two years. I wish I could say the same from the other companies I had to deal with over the last couple of weeks ... (black marks for Medion and Adobe!)
Especially in the midst of challenges and things not going the way you would like them, such a wonderful service or gesture can make a world of difference.
I also want to give a thumbs up for the local bicycle repair shop (Wittenstraat Amsterdam). After kids or vandals had stolen part of my bicycle wheels, I had flat tires. The shop owner replaced the missing parts instantly and at no charge!
Thanks so much people who make this world a better place!

The images above are a few of my new series of
bookmarks, available in Sunny Sites Online Art Store.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam - original cat calendar by Anne VisToday is another black day in Dutch history.
This morning I happened to be in the court building where at that moment one of the Dutch banks was declared bankrupt.
While in Amsterdam-South-East the bullets are flying around your ears as people are killing each other, the government seems to be killing businesses that they don't like for whatever obscure reason.
The story can be read as a thriller: almost every day in the past weeks a piece of the puzzle was revealed. Something definitely went wrong with the minister of finance, the National Dutch Bank, this guy Lakeman ... and why did one of the newspapers suddenly publish supposedly secret negotiations?

It started with dubious products that this bank was delivering. Nobody was mentioning that all the other banks were doing exactly the same. The only difference being that the owner of this bank is a self made man: he made his fortune from scratch. A severe sin in this country, where you are not supposed to be successful ... or else ... This man was not a member of the "old boys network" ...
Maybe the coming weeks will reveal new details about this case, but I sure hope that justice will be done. Probably wishful thinking.

Meantime on the television a program that explained how all multinationals operating from the Netherlands do not pay tax, costing the regular working guys (read: us) 18 billion euros a year. I think the minister of finance has something serious to explain.

And what has
Knor here to do with all that?
Well ... while we were horrified about all the new developments, our furry purry friends continued their healing work in the streets of Amsterdam, sending their unconditional love to anyone needing it ... :-)
View our latest cat calendar:
The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam! :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magical Fractals Calendar

Magical Fractals Calendar by Anne VisThank God the biggest computer challenges seem to be solved (touch wood!) and I have finally been able to finish a new fractal calendar! :-)
Maybe doing energy healings and working on a computer is not the ideal combination after all ... they say that computers can go crazy from the energy frequencies ;-)

This calendar is created entirely in Apophysis, a fractal rendering program.
I like working with Apophysis, because there is always that element of surprise ... you never quite know what you are going to get ... a touch of magic ...
For an overview of all images on the calendar, visit my
Sunny Sites website.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Knor Day

World Knor Day - be kind to cats- by Anne VisToday is World Knor Day - a beautiful day to pamper your cat as well as the stray ones ...
Those of you who have been following my blog may have wondered why there are no new entries: this is because of severe computer problems, hence an older illustration instead of new artwork ... Please bear with me ... and meantime: Happy World Knor Day! :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Peace - also for the Palestinians

Magical Summer NightToday is World Peace Day. Of course the biggest obstacle to peace is the continuation of atrocities by the zionist regime. (and we know they do not remain limited to the Middle East ...)
To me it is absolutely unacceptable that the holocaust is continuing, making daily life for Palestinians hell. And incomprehensible that those who are in power and have a mouth full of how horrible the holocaust "was", do nothing to stop it.

This week there are many actions worldwide for ordinary citizens to contribute to real on-the-ground peace.
In the Netherlands there are boycott actions, organized by the
Dutch Palestine organization. Visit the calendar here.
Did you know that the barcode, as indicated on the products we buy in the stores, and is different per country, is 729 for the israeli territories? Keep an eye on it when you buy your groceries!

Meantime I keep working on peaceful art ...:-)
I put up a
new gallery on Imagekind, which has a new look and feel compared to the previous one. You're welcome to visit! :-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Scarf Tax

The Scarf - by Anne VisThe Dutch parliament is back from summer holiday. After a peaceful summer we are now facing the public humiliations of our country again.
The discussions around the budget gave an impression of something between a stand-up comedian act and a preschool on their day out. (mind you: this is discussing the serious crisis the country is in!)
Culmination was the proposal to impose a tax on wearing a scarf.

I still don't know if this is a serious intention, but it is generally booked under the chapter of "comedy". However, I think there is a serious undertone reflected by the irritation amongst many people provoked by women wearing a scarf.

Traditionally in the Netherlands women who were cleaning houses would wear a scarf. As the nature of this work does not require a high intelligence, these women were regarded as fairly "simple".
We all know how outfit influences the way people respond to you. A person wearing a uniform is easily regarded as having some sort of authority. A man dressed in rags is thought to be homeless. None of these have to reflect the actual situation or character of the person, nevertheless, the tone is set.
So it is easy to understand that women wearing scarfs, upon first impression are seen as not very intelligent. It's just how this culture and human brain work.
If that is the intention of the women, then they get their result.

Another aspect that also has to do with culture is how you would like to be treated. A matter of respect to your fellow citizens.
For instance, it would be highly inappropriate for a woman to walk around in Syria wearing shorts and showing a cleavage. As a sign of respect to the local population you just don't do that.
Unless you want to make a stance of revolt against the general status quo, it is rude to disregard the local feelings.
Many Dutch people take offence when foreigners do not follow the local codes of respect. The scarf is just one expression. Worse is probably when people who have been here for twenty years or longer still do not show any sign of wanting to learn the local language and adapt to this country.
Of course it is politically incorrect in this time to publicly say so (...)

From a new age viewpoint we strife to see man and woman as equals.
Watching women follow a man, as if we were still living 2000 years ago, goes against that. And then I am not even mentioning feminism.
Islam promotes the ideas of a guy who would for sure be behind bars according to current standards. Following these theories has big implications for daily life. It takes away the power and freedom of women.
I was talking with a good friend a while back and asked her if she would still sunbathe nude in the park, like when we were younger. And why not any more? Well ... the foreign men react badly so that you just can't do that any more. There are more ways in which the muslim religion makes our life "smaller", it goes gradually and almost unnoticed. My friend had not even realized that she had lost her freedom.

Of course the other religions are also very woman-unfriendly. I state that religion is just not from this time any more and is better to be left alone. A liberated person has their own connection to "God" or Source or whatever you want to call it. No need for mediation through old bearded guys ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exhibition in spiritual center Temple

Dreams ... - art by Anne VisMy muse Knor and I are excited that we now have our first official exhibition! :-)
You can see our work in print in spiritual center
Temple in Amsterdam (opposite Amsterdam central station).

It is also possible to order any of the other works that you see in our
online gallery and have it delivered to Temple. Prices may vary. Sizes 30x30 cm.
Contact Anne for more information!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cuby & the Blizzards

When I found out that Cuby & the Blizzards were going to give a free concert just around the corner from where I live, it was clear that I needed to be there.
To me it is incomprehensible that they are not as famous as John Lee Hooker, they certainly do have all that it takes. A while back I already wrote about them, as a documentary about them was broadcast on television. The story behind them is fascinating too.
They have their roots in the north of the Netherlands, an area where I am from as well. In the time we grew up this was a very depressing place and it just makes sense that a great blues band originates here.
Interestingly enough the texts of their latest album have depressing topics, like the blunt and violent attitude of Dutch people, the war in Iraq etc. But the new music is more upbeat and the texts are clumsy enough to make it actually hilarious.
For some reason music that we hear in our youth seems to make a deeper impression, always capable of moving us.
As Cuby was playing their old blues, it was for me clear that I do not need drugs: I had nothing less than an incredible trip. Brain research describes how some people can actually "see" sound or "smell" an image. I normally do not experience that, but as of this moment I feel like I know what it's like.
I had the most lively color images and strangely enough could also hear other sounds through the music that was pretty loud already. And despite the previous song about the devil creating religion (yes, honestly, that is one of the titles on their new album! :-))), I had the most beautiful experiences during the real slow blues songs: I was in stunning landscapes with extraordinary colors, I saw al sorts of beings there, angels, deer, birds ... The flowers were of the most vivid colors. The scenery kept changing and also took me under water, where I met the most beautiful and extraordinary beings, living in fairy tale like castles.
The best song they ever made in my opinion is called "Window of my eyes". I think it is the vibration of the low bass that makes it more tangible in a life performance than when listening to a CD ... like every cell in the body starts resonating ...
I have listened to that song hundreds of times, but it never did what it did today ...

Makes me wonder, does every song have an "angel" version ...? Would it be possible to hear that at will ... ?
Cuby & the Blizzards in Amsterdam Westerpark
Cuby & the Blizzards in Amsterdam Westerpark

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bookstore Temple

Tara - acrylic on canvas by Anne Vis
I seem to become more and more part of the furniture in bookstore Temple in Amsterdam ... :-)
There are so many fun activities and of course I love books, so the environment feels like home. One of the activities involves Tibetan art. There are several classes in painting Buddha. As you can see above, I attended a day workshop yesterday. I found it difficult to get good color transitions and
Knor, having watched me struggle all day, finally lost patience and decided to interfere and walk with her cute "pawsjes" all over ... :-) So now it looks more like a Tara than a Buddha, but oh well ... :-)

Then there are several other healers and readers who offer drop-in sessions, especially in the weekend.
At the moment I personally offer drop-in sessions Reconnective Healing on Tuesday afternoons between 4 and 6. I hope to welcome you there one day! :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The importance of Angels

Autumn with the Angels - by Anne VisIf I would not read the news I would have no idea that we are in a recession. In the small stretch of the street I live there are at least 6 building projects going on. At 7 AM I wake up at the wonderful sound of jack hammers which during the day gets into a nice symphony with chain saws ... really delightful! :-(
What this proves is that statistics do not apply to everyone. It can also be that you experience positive things during so called times of recession. (of which the above is not an example! :-)))
Maybe your business has a larger profit against all odds. Maybe you are one of those lucky ducks who do not get any flu ... ! :-)

I know that in times of stress I am always grateful for the presence of angels. They let themselves be known in many different ways. One of them is that they oftentimes paint wings in my artworks.

I know I owe a lot to the angels, as they often save me from getting into all sorts of trouble. (that's what you get when you have a
knor as muse! :-))
At the moment I am seeking their advice in yet another sort of building dilemma. I live in a very old house (hence all the building activities here in the street). My neighbors are all smoking and you guess it already: my bedroom smells like a "brown pub" as we say in Dutch, which makes it almost impossible to get any sleep. Anyone who would like to volunteer as angel and offer any advice welcome! :-)

I am already looking forward to
Angel's Day, later this month on the 12th!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Calendars ...heading for 2012! :-)

Surreal Knorscapes Calendar for cat lovers - by Anne Vis Inspiration is a strange thing ... After a while of not having any at all, I find myself now glued to the computer and unable to stop creating new work.
The latest hype is calendars. I had to transfer all the calendars I created in the past to my new
online store and apart from having to change all the sizes, also created a couple of new images here and there as well as an entire new calendar with angels! :-)
My muse
Knor has been busy! :-) Several new knor images in the Surreal Knorscapes Calendar ...
Angel Calendar - by Anne Vis

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Knor: for cat-lovers and other lovers ... :-)

Valentine's Day greeting cards by Anne VisWith just a short time to go before I close my Cafepress store, the SunnySites Zazzle store is slowly growing. Today I added the mug section (with cute Knor I am the Boss-mugs!) as well as a section with greeting cards for romantic occasions and Valentine's Day ... :-)
Fun Knor mugs by Anne Vis - for cat lovers! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Fabric of Life - by Anne VisA couple of months ago I heard the issue of energy saving light bulbs (CFL's) was abandoned because the energy saved on other things was supposedly "already enough".
In my view the whole thing is a strange story to begin with since the energy used for light bulbs is like 0.0002% of the total energy we use.
To my horror it seems like now the old bulbs become obsolete by September 1 2009. (what happened there?)

There is a lot wrong with the "energy saving light bulbs", which the authorities choose to ignore or brush off as nonsense.
First of all they are manufactured in low wage countries with non-existing or not implemented laws regarding the way products are manufactured. We are talking here about lamps that contain several highly toxic materials and oftentimes children involved in the labor. So it already starts with
health issues (link in Dutch) in the countries were these lamps are manufactured.

because it all has to be cheap, the time these lamps lasts (which supposedly should be a lot longer than conventional bulbs) suddenly turns out to be a lot shorter, due to inferior materials.

Of course they need to be transported to the west. Which also costs energy.

The mercury content is an environmental risk, for which the governments should have found a good way to dispose of, but which is lacking. Also the public is not aware of this and does not put disposed lamps in "chemical waste", but in the regular garbage. I have to bicycle for about half an hour to get to the nearest chemical waste point. How realistic is it to expect people to do things like that for every lamp that lost its life? However small the amount of mercury in these lamps is these days, all those small amounts in the environment add up and do pose a health risk.

Then there is the issue of
UV light. Reportedly people get skin rashes and other skin problems. We don't know yet if it also will cause cancer ...
Some health officials say you should not sit close to these lamps or be exposed for more than an hour, but who knows that?

We also see a horrifying level of electromagnetic frequencies (yes, the frequencies that the cell phones also have and that cause health concerns). It is called "dirty electricity". Migraine headaches is just one of the symptoms caused by these bulbs ...
Read and watch more ...

Of course the color of the light of a CLF is nice for in a factory, but who wants that light in a romantic setting ... ?

It seems that LED is the way to go, unfortunately not yet ready for mass production. But maybe it is worth the wait?

Artwork: The Fabric of Life - by Anne Vis

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Art Video!

I am thrilled that I found musician David Nevue willing to work with me on this new movie! His music is just out of this world ... maybe more from a world where angels dwell ... places I really like to visit, that's for sure! :-)
If you watch it on YouTube you can also see it in higher resolution.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Baby-Boom!

Baby Girl Card - by Anne VisThere is a real baby boom going on in western countries.
Which is food for thought.
One can wonder why people would want to put children in a world that is so polluted and crowded and has so much aggression. It seemed that for a while people realized this, although visiting any high school with children in puberty may also have done the trick ... :-)

For those of us who care about the environment, it is just mind boggling: already during pregnancy a woman pollutes about 500 times more hormones than at other times, not to mention all the pollution caused by just a single individual during an entire lifetime.
I heard a "soon-to-be-father" say he was fertilizing planet earth ... but doesn't it look more like humans are infesting planet earth instead, like parasites?

Obviously people who choose to have children, have a completely different train of thoughts. In new age circles it is said that all new beings coming to earth now have a very high energy vibration and will help all of us heal.
As we see several children having severe problems and ending up in criminality, it is pretty clear that from wherever they came, they are having trouble being here in our 3D world.
I think we'd better clean up our act now and make sure these new beings will be received warmly and safely, so that they will be able to indeed let their light shine in this world.

As you can see from the image above, you can find greeting cards for babies in
our new Zazzle store! We are still adding sections! :-)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay Pride

Reflected Light - by Anne VisEvery first Saturday in August Amsterdam is in party spirit: the annual Gay Pride, a parade of colorful decorated boats with loud music brightens up the canals.
The main topic is the liberation of the gays and their right to express themselves. Unfortunately this is still a topic demanding attention as just a few weeks ago the organizer of the festival experienced as he was beaten up by anti-gays.
I live along a canal that is a big traffic route for boats, always lively and busy and on a day like this I can hear the boats coming from afar. It struck me that they were playing the music of Michael Jackson. Although I don't get that Michael was gay, he had, from an astrologic point of view, a prominent Uranus. Uranus is about being "strange" or eccentric, and in that respect it is also the planet of the gay. Uranus is provocative as well and I was talking about the violence against gays with somebody who pointed out that they were provoking ... Dah???!!! I think some people have a natural extravagance, they just express themselves very colorfully (which of course does not refer to all gays). Since when does that give others the right to start beating? This is exactly where this parade is about: the right to express, however weird that may be in other's eyes.
Given the thousands of people attracted to this event, it seems to me that many enjoy the fun and color the gay community brings into our lives ... (pictures below were taken hours before the parade would start ...)
Note also that Madonna is born just a few weeks after Michael Jackson and how the topic of being "different" and provocative goes for both of them ...

Another point of course being made, deals with being a man or a woman and relationships. I just finished reading a brilliant book by
Norah Vincent, called "Self-made man: one woman's journey into manhood and back again". Norah is a lesbian woman who goes undercover as a man to experience what it really means to be a man.
I must say I have a lot of respect for her, her courage is just unbelievable. She goes into all sorts of adventures and has excellent insight into what is going on in different situations.
After her experience she has gained a new understanding of what drives men and the pain and difficulties hidden under the surface. In this respect it is very interesting to note how different we all behave towards men vs women. And how these patterns determine so much of who we are ...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Muscle Testing

Heart - by Anne VisYesterday I was talking with a woman who told me she had her "therapist" test if she should follow a certain (other) therapy.
When people talk about "testing" they usually refer to muscle tests, also called applied kinesiology or touch for health.
It is used for a wide range of topics, like "is this food good for me?" instead of just following the natural appetite and trust that all that you eat will be for the best of your health. (I always tend to think that anything eaten with appetite will stimulate the juices and be digested properly with optimal intake of all nutrients).
Of course the mental attitude of both the person tested and the person performing the test will influence the end result.
Hence the woman mentioned above received a big "no" to her question whether she should follow an alternative treatment. (A question of course she could have asked herself instead of someone else).
Coffee is also a famous one. Usually tests negative because of all the "goat wool socks" prejudices. :-)

You get my point:
these muscle tests are totally unreliable.
Yet they are being used by a host of different healers from all sorts of healing methods. The latest seems to be
NMT. It is presented as a new "method", but personally I haven't heard anything that is different from kinesiology or touch for health, which have been around for decades ...

Also theta healing works with muscle tests.
I recently had a lot of people ask me about theta healing. I have taken the full training and can call myself an advanced theta healer. Yet I do not advertise it as such. One of the reasons is that I do not want to use muscle tests.

There are many ways to get answers to questions.
The first and most valuable in my view is common sense.
Another way to get answers can be by using your intuition. For some people that can be feeling, for others seeing or an instant "knowing" ...
Following your bliss is usually the best path to travel ... the answers will present naturally ...

Art: "Heart" - by Anne Vis

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Debunking New Age myths ...

Romantic Postage - by Anne VisAfter all the scientific evidence that coffee is good for you and that alcohol (in moderation) can actually help heal Alzheimer (and lets not forget all the good stuff happening when we eat chocolate ... :-))), I found another interesting article that shakes our firm New Age belief system.

This time it is about counting your blessings and being grateful.
According to an
article in Scientific American the entire concept of gratitude pales in comparison to imagining what would happen if good things would NOT have happened. The theory would be that it would spark curiosity! Is it surprise and curiosity that makes us happy?
Of course my muse
Knor knows everything about curiosity: after all there is this saying that "curiosity killed the cat". :-)
She seems to be faring well being curious though: always a smile on her face! :-)

Also in the news:
DNA is not the same in every organ! This would pull the entire base from underneath the theta healing. Theta healing states there is a "master cell" that determines all of the DNA in the body ... well: maybe not!

It looks like everything is just a little bit more complicated than the New Age theories state ... which sparks curiosity as we continue to explore truth ... with a smile! :-)

Art news:
Imagekind has a 20% off custom frames sale:
Type promo code IKSummer09 in the promotion box at checkout. Promotion expires July 20, 2009 at 11:59pm PT.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Change ... a new store!

An ocean of love - greeting card design by Anne VisIn the near future I will close the CafePress store (where I host greeting cards and other products).
CafePress decided to literally "starve" their artists, with first drastically cutting commissions and now even refusing to pay me at all (the current situation is that I pay them instead!) ... I will probably never get rich from my art (or even earn a living for that matter), but this is just too much ... time for a change!

I already had a shop on
Zazzle and will be uploading more new designs there in the coming weeks.
The entire operation requires an enormous amount of work, so please bear with us!
The Zazzle site has improved quite a bit since a year ago, so
Knor and I are confident our clients will have a pleasant experience in the new store!

The transfer of work to another computer seems to have damaged a lot of files, so several designs will not return in the
new store (we'll create new ones! :-)))
We hope to welcome you soon to see the new sections grow and new creations added! :-)

The card above is an anniversary card which is brand new! :-)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A break ...

Soft ... - by Anne VisTaking the time to smell the flowers on our path is one of the joys of life ... I recently took some day trips through the north of the Netherlands to appreciate the country and the beauty around ...
Enkhuizen - the Netherlands
Zaanse Schans - the NetherlandsOf course nothing is quite as joyful as a big "knor-fix":
Anne Vis with Knor
If you are in Amsterdam I look forward to seeing you in the Temple this afternoon! Unless indicated otherwise, every Tuesday afternoon between 4 PM and 6 PM! :-)

Artwork: Soft ... by Anne Vis.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Ecards

Fresh ... - by Anne VisI'm having a lot of fun with florals lately and set up a free ecards page with lots of flowers. Nice for the summer! :-)
The cards differ from other sites where your recipient needs to go to the website to pick up the card:
these ecards come in one piece in your inbox!
Of course also my muse
Knor can be found there! :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why healing sometimes does not work ...

Filled with Light ... - by Anne Vis
Sometimes I get clients who have read Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection" and who now come to me demanding I heal them instantly from some serious illness they have ... after all Eric heals "everyone" instantly from anything, is their understanding ...

Apparently they have not fully understood what Eric says, so I try to patiently explain to them that it does not work that way.
They conclude that I "don't believe it works" and they need to see another healer. Which may be better, since I do not like the anger and pressure ... but: I don't think God or universe (whichever you like to call it) likes it either ...

I decided to read Eric's book again lately and found exactly what he thinks about this topic on page 142 of the English language version: "Let me tell you who, if anyone, is least likely to have the fullness of a healing experience. Believe it or not, it's the person who comes in insisting that it has to work - the person who has read every book on the subject and feels they know everything there is to know about it. If there's any one way to interfere with a healing, it's through this kind of attachment, this all-consuming and vested need for it to work."

We don't know the full picture of why we are here and how everything is exactly related to the whole. There can be many reasons why a healing sometimes does not work the way we would like it. And Eric has an impressive record of success which is not always replicated by the healers he trained. Why not? I don't know! It's part of the great mystery of the universe.
Part of the challenge in healing is finding the key to what works for you personally. Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® are some of the most powerful ways of healing available in my experience. But if you have a serious health condition I am not going to tell you to do just Reconnective Healing® and stop any medication. That may happen, miracles do happen, but we are all equipped with a brain too, so I always think common sense is good to use.
Another thing to bear in mind is "divine timing". We really don't know anything about that, sometimes a healing can happen much later, when you would already assume it has not worked.
I have noticed that after the Reconnection® it is much easier to attract in my life what I need. It brings back the magic in life. :-)
And you can't force that, you need to gently allow it to come to you ...

One thing that really enhances a healing experience is gratitude. Be grateful for the beautiful healing you are receiving ... :-)
Count your blessings and enjoy!
And who knows what miracles will follow from there ...

Artwork: "
Filled with Light ..." - by Anne Vis

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reconnective Healing

After the Rain ... - by Anne VisStarting coming Tuesday I will be offering drop-in Reconnective Healing® sessions in bookstore Temple in Amsterdam again, between 4 and 6 PM. A great opportunity to experience what Reconnective Healing® can do for you! :-) Unless announced otherwise, I will be there every Tuesday afternoon. Also personal sessions and the Reconnection® are available again.

Meantime I am still exploring everything related to the brain ... :-). So I had an introduction session in neurofeedback last Thursday.
It was very interesting, as I had never had an EEG myself, even though I practiced as an EEG technician for many years. Happily the technique has advanced a lot and the placing of electrodes on my head did not leave a complete mess with glue and such and it was completely painless ... :-)
I became very emotional somewhere halfway the session (mind you, there is no conversation about "stuff", so this happens "out of the blue"). That was mainly what I felt during the session. Then afterwards I seemed to feel more present and my vision appeared clearer. Later that evening when I saw a good friend, he remarked spontaneously that I was looking very radiant. I definitely think neurofeedback has a lot of potential, so I will continue to explore ...

After the Rain ... - by Anne Vis

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Fun! - by Anne VisI just finished reading "A symphony in the brain" by Jim Robbins, a book that describes the history of neurofeedback. It is absolutely fascinating and inspiring to read. The stories in the world of science are so human and sometimes heartbreaking and it is quite miraculous how certain theories or methods eventually reach the mainstream public. The book reads like a detective and I had difficulty putting it down ...

Neurofeedback has a lot of different methodologies nowadays, I found at least five different ways in which neurofeedback is done (searching on the internet). Many of them are described in Robbins' book and all methods claim to have a huge percentage of success in an incredibly long list of diseases. Among the disorders neurofeedback works for are ADHD, depression, migraine, post traumatic stress disorder, trauma on the head and so forth ...
To me reason enough to explore it, as pharmaceuticals have so many side effects and do not really "cure" anything.

Last year I went to an introduction at the
Neurofeedback Institute (link is Dutch) in Amsterdam, where they work with a "standard" of a healthy EEG to which your EEG is compared. You then train to get a more "standard" EEG. Although this apparently works very well to heal certain disorders, it is not such an appealing thought to an artist ... who traditionally does not like to be compared to a "grey mouse" ... :-)
I don't know how this works in reality, most neurofeedback methods claim to increase creativity.

Next week there is an introduction to
another neurofeedback method in Amsterdam, which apparently works without diagnosis and then takes the existing EEG as starting point, after which the training is geared towards spreading the different frequencies more evenly on the brain.

Another neurofeedback technology I want to mention here is the
Lens system, which is relatively new and works a lot faster. It seems like it has not reached the Netherlands (yet) ...

To be continued ... :-)

Fun! - by Anne Vis.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Us vs them?

Rose in Pastel - by Anne VisI just returned to Amsterdam after spending four months in San Francisco. Apart from facing a lot of work and challenges in Amsterdam, the difference in mentality and really everything is always impressive. I happened to come across an article on Der Spiegel website about the differences between Americans and Europeans (part one, part two, part three), interesting.

One of the things I really like about Americans is their attitude towards new thoughts. They tell me: "Wow, that is nice, how can I help you?" The Dutch are always keen to point out why your new ideas won't work. They call that practical realism. And helping? I called a Dutch helpdesk this past week and the employee even went as far as breaking off the connection! Welcome back!

In New Age thinking comparison is of course obsolete altogether: we need to move toward thinking of "us" and include the "them". If we consider all of us as indeed "us" there can be no more wars ...
I like that.

"Rose in Pastel" - by Anne Vis.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

With love ...

Knor in the window of Aardvark bookstore in San FranciscoThe other day I was in Aardvark bookstore on Church and Market in San Francisco, when my phone rang. I went outside to get it and found that knor had positioned himself quite strategically in the window ... :-)
So of course I had to take some pictures. After a while, I went back into the store to browse some more books. Then I found knor was coming over and demanding attention. So I sat down and knor jumped on my lap and started to purr loudly ... So far so good, but then something quite extraordinay happened:
he put his arms around my neck and kissed me plain on the mouth! :-)
This is called a happy knor-fix! :-)

Knor in the window of Aardvark bookstore in San Francisco
Meantime I am still inspired by the beautiful flowers I saw a couple of days ago:
Dreaming ... - by Anne VisThis image is available at my Imagekind gallery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Consciousness, brain and change ...

Flow in Joy - by Anne VisI am lately very interested in everything related to brain and consciousness and what constitutes reality. I guess it started with my eye exercises: I literally am taught how to look at things THAT ARE NOT THERE! I know they are not, yet I do see them ... So what does that say about my awareness through my senses ...
The last couple of years a lot of books on brain function have been published.

I was reading a book by Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist, called "The Feeling of what happens". It quite unexpectedly supported my view that the "now"-theories are basically crap ... (sorry if I am insulting any enthusiastic followers of Tolle here). Damasio describes a difference between core consciousness (basically organized by the more centrally located areas in the brain) and extended consciousness (as located in for instance the frontal lobes). You can live "in the now", which requires a core consciousness ... yet your creativity is not available as it requires the extended consciousness ... which brings in all other factors, like an extended time scale, other dimensions and so forth ...
As an artist (and probably everybody else) of course you want access to all these at all times ...

Damasio also talks about the "ego" as a "sense of self" and that we really cannot do without that "core self" - as he explains it is a sign of disease: "removal of knowing and self without removal of wakefulness places the organism in grave danger - one is then capable of acting without knowing the consequences of one's acts ... the thoughts one generates go unclaimed because the rightful owner is missing ..."
So much for all of us new-agies who want to get rid of their ego. I never quite understood why the ego was so demonized.

Another interesting book is written by Sandra and Matthew Blakeslee, called "The body has a mind of its own". One fascinating aspect (out of many) is the description of a blind painter ...

And think of this one (I forgot where I found that): when an electrode is put to a certain location in the brain, the subject has the experience of floating against the ceiling ... the classic out-of-body description we often hear from people who were in an operation under general anesthesia ... Created just by placing an electrode?

I do not watch television very often lately, but the other day I saw a glimpse of a technical program, which explained how in video technology it is now possible to create a detailed video of somebody with all the authentic mimics of any emotion - and have someone say something that they may have never said ...

Which brings us back to maybe the key to all this: emotion ...
Are we getting to a new understanding of what emotion is and how to liberate ourselves from stuck emotions (in other words: how to free ourselves from unwanted "buttons" ...)?
The interesting aspect is that not only the world around us seems to be more "fluid" than previously thought (referring to string theory, M theory ...), it is also our physical body that is changing and becoming more soft and supple (or "fluid") as stuck energies are removed ... thus allowing us to live in "flow" ...

A Rose ... - by Anne VisMeantime I am really inspired by flowers. A good friend told me I have to market them as "erotic" if I ever intend to sell any of my work ... :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Artist's Eye

Imagine ... - by Anne VisI always thought that the expression the "artist's eye" was kind of philosophical. Although every artist would agree that the way you see the world changes after you start working with art.
But I never thought the physical eye of an artist would literally be different!

According to my eye doctor, Dr Larry Jebrock, I have what is called a typical "artist's eye". Where I always thought the eyeball has a convex shape, I discovered that mine is not convex, but has a "wavy" shape. This seems to be very typical for artists.
As mentioned in a previous post, orthokeratology is reshaping the eyeball in order to improve vision. You can imagine that in my case this was quite a job, with the irregular shape of my eye. It took a couple of months, but I now have the lenses for the night that enable me to see both close by and in the distance! :-)

Meantime in San Francisco the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival has started. Thursday night was the start with a fabulous (free) klezmer concert by Kugelplex Klezmer. Also Union Square concerts for the Wednesday evening and Sunday series has started. Summer is here!!! ;-)

Artwork: Imagine ... - by Anne Vis