Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amsterdam united in Peace

It seems my days are spend on the streets to demonstrate for a free Palestine lately. It's hard to look at the news and see young children covered in blood ... and for what reason?
I have come across many people these days who think it is just two parties quarreling and that it does not affect them.

It is not two equal parties and it does affect everyone on this planet:
The israelis are occupying Palestine and Gaza has been cut off by air, road and sea for many months now.
When you are a witness to a crime and you do not do anything, it means you are accomplice. (...) (Which makes the roles our governments play especially loathsome.)

Walking with thousands of people through the center of Amsterdam today, I got to talk to people from several different organizations, one of them to my surprise being
Share. Share got international fame by Benjamin Creme, who talked about the re-appearance of Maitreya, the world teacher. Mr. Creme has been talking about the collapse of the financial system I think since 1950 or maybe even longer. Nobody took him serious anymore, because nothing happened ... (we thought ...) Nice to see Share at an event like this!

Another thing that came up was the illegitimacy of the "state of israel". The UN has accepted israel as a state under conditions ... And the conditions have never been met, so legally it is not a state ... See
UN security council resolutions.
I found some other links that date back to the beginning of this disaster:
the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and
documents from the
Truman library and museum. (have a look at UN resolution 181.)

Meantime I am still working on the new Happy Smile website on oral health promotion and if I find a spare moment, to create art. Art is really healing, I can feel that so clearly now ... it puts me in an altogether different energy than the demonstrations have. I think the dreamy world of the arts is pointing to where we are headed: a new world with harmony and peace ... Insjallah ...

"The Sensual Tulip" by Anne Vis


nobu said...

It is a lovely image.
I hope you will have a great year.

Susanne49 said...

The picture is wonderful!

Sue's Daily Photography

Q said...

I, resident of Amsterdam, raise my voice for Peace in Palestina:
Amsterdam united in Peace , yes we can!