Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Vision

Although most stories about the Middle East are kind of predictable, this week I heard a totally refreshing new approach from an unexpected source. Robert Soeterik is the author of 'de Verwoesting van Palestina', a Dutch language book that relates all facts from the very beginning (highly recommended, especially if you do not know much about Palestine). A very knowledgeable man, often interviewed as expert in the field by different television shows. In our conversations I was always the radical one and he was much more balanced. Robert presented a new and daring vision of the Middle East at a meeting of the Dutch Palestine Committee this week.

Instead of opting for a two-state solution, which has been tried for the last 60 years, Robert Soeterik advocated for a ONE state solution.
Not just an ordinary state and neither a Jewish nor Islamic state.
In my ears it sounded like the land of peace and prosperity that the Indian philosophers talk about as the "Golden Age" and what in New Age world is referred to as the Aquarian Age, beginning in 2012 ...

No, this new state is nothing like we see on the ground at this moment, it is a vision of a state where both Jews and Arabs and others live in peace together. A state not governed by religion, a state of equal rights for all its citizens ... A democratic state ... A state ruled by justice ...

The name is neither israel nor Palestine, it should get an entirely different name.

And I am thrilled to hear this. I have never believed in the two-state solution, always thinking along the lines of a one state solution, except I was going back to Palestine, where peaceful Jews can also live in peace. To hear a highly improved version from someone like Robert gives me great hope that it can be achieved.
With the latest massacre and the knowledge that it is just a disaster waiting to happen again, a new vision is highly needed.
To break this vicious cycle a couple of things are needed:

  • a clear vision of this new country

  • as the israelis will not give up power that easily, BOYCOT, especially a weapon embargo

  • Hamas needs to be included

  • criminals need to be put to justice

I think it starts with the vision:
this is where HOPE comes in ... :-)

Art: In the Morning by Anne Vis


Gattina said...

It would be an ideal solution, but there are always the politicians.
What surprises me is that we always should visit a concentration camp in order that "it would never happen again" but what is done right now is quite similar !

Lynda Lehmann said...

Beautiful glowing image, Anne!

I hope and pray for peace in the Mideast and in the rest of the world. Conflict is all too prevalent.

nobu said...

I like the water in this image.
It's fine.

Q said...

Let the New Hope manifest Heaven on Earth, yes we can!