Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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In 1992 an israeli cargo plane went down on the city of Amsterdam. Thousands of people became ill afterwards ... due to the chemicals weapons that were on the plane ...
The Palestinians have been on the receiving end of chemical warfare for a long time and it seldom reaches the news. So yesterday I was quite surprised that the Dutch news announced the use of chemical weapons by the israelis as a current fact. In English language I found
a global research site to cover this news. God knows what other evil stuff they are doing, no journalists being allowed ...

I also found another article, which states that
natural gas may be a factor in this war, just like oil in Iraq. I'm not sure what to think of that, I would expect water to be of more importance. But most of all I think the israelis want to eradicate the Palestinians and then confiscate the land ...

Meantime also watch the
violations of Lebanese airspace, which have been going on for as long as I can remember ... (seems forever ...)

It looks like the israelis are showing their true face ... their ugliness can not be hidden any more ... it is for everyone to see ...
From the perspective of healing, the first thing to do is to recognize that something is wrong and examine it. Just like you would do with an individual, from the perspective of us as world, it starts with recognizing that something is rotten here. And as a surgeon who is soft and not thorough, makes stinking wounds, the same applies here ... We cannot condone the "state of israel" any longer.

On a lighter note: Did you notice that
Happy Smile is back online? Fun games and information on oral health care, as well the Knor movies (bound to make you smile again ... :-)))

Art: "
In the City" by Anne Vis, a tribute to Gaza.

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Love your stuff, your surreal art is awesome!