Monday, February 16, 2009

Theta healing

Colors of Time - by Anne VisThis past weekend I took a class in DNA theta healing. I was basically just curious and looking for anything that might deepen and expand my healing experience as well as raise my frequencies.

This class was given in San Francisco by
Dr. Lisa Cooney. Although Theta healing also works on the DNA, just like Reconnective Healing, it is quite different in how to accomplish that. In Reconnective Healing you just focus on the frequencies as a healer, need not know anything about your client and let the frequencies do their work. As healer you just make sure you're out of the way. In Theta healing, you connect to Source and then command Source to do certain things for you, which you, as a healer, then witness. So although in both cases you let Source, Creator or Universe do the healing, in Theta healing you need to be more specific about what you ask for. In Reconnective Healing it is assumed that Universe already knows what this person you are working with needs.

So far theory. Now this weekend I have been impressed with the healings I have witnessed. I have seen "walk-ins" being guided back to the light and the profound changes that had on the people involved. And other clear changes happen all through the weekend in each participant in this class. And I can't help wondering if that would also happen in Reconnective Healing. I have seen miracles in Reconnective Healing happen in my own practice, don't get me wrong, but it seems to me that Theta healing gives more answers to questions and may have more learning opportunities.

Last night I did a distance Reconnective healing for someone and was again curious as to how it works: the person I worked with felt instant relief in an area I had no idea was bothering her and had not worked on either ... ;-) In Theta healing such a miracle may be unlikely as you are working with specific issues and questions. I guess there is a place for both ways of healing and I intend to continue to explore both (or whatever else may come on my path ... :-))

Art: Colors of Time - by Anne Vis


nobu said...

Cool image!!

Bob Johnson said...

Very interesting as usual, also love the image. Have you any experience with peridot and it's healing powers? I have a meteorite with some peridot, will be posting pics and info on it in the next month or so.

Anne Vis said...

Thank you for your comments! I do not have experience with peridot. It is a green crystal, isn't it? I have been working with moldavite, as that was recommended by Eric Pearl. I work with the energy frequencies of crystals sometimes, have had the strongest results with rose quartz, also on other people.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks very interesting, again healing stones with a cosmic origin, moldavites are formed the same way my Libyan dessert glass was formed, though fireballs from space melting the surrounding sand or surface.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Good luck with this healing journey, Anne. Who knows how much it can help a person. But if it helps even just some people some of the time, it's a good thing!