Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Ascendant

A Woman's Heart - by Anne VisOn Thursday night Jodie Forrest was speaking at the San Francisco Astrological Society. She wrote several books, her latest being on the ascendant.
It is always nice to get more perspectives on any aspect of the astrological chart, I find. Jodie Forrest presented some metaphors and visual narratives about what the ascendant is about. It illustrated the tools someone has to operate in the world. It helps to imagine what it feels like to have a Sun in Aries and then have the physical vehicle of Pisces to work with (for example) ...

Another interesting thing that she mentioned was how Mars returns may affect the way you look at yourself. Mars is the general ruler of the first house. So every two years it may be necessary to adjust the way you express yourself. Are you coming on too strongly or do you need to assert yourself more? Do you need to add more color to your outfits? Etc. I don't know if that would actually work this way as I have never tested this out. I guess I am lazy in this respect and usually only look at my horoscope after something "spectacular" happens ... just to check out what is going on in my horoscope ...

I haven't bought her book (yet), but it looked interestingly enough.
As a speaker I was not impressed with Jodie Forrest (maybe she did not have her day ...) but she sure knows her stuff ...

Art: A Woman's Heart - by Anne Vis

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Featured on the homepage of Imagekind

Abstract with flower - by Anne VisHappy to announce that today one of my works is featured on the homepage of Imagekind! :-)
It is one of my earlier works that is created with beeswax.

Earth Day t-shirts - by Anne Vis
I also would like to share my Earth Day design, available on t-shirts. Cafepress has introduced new high quality organic cotton shirts, so be sure to check them out! :-)
Let's make EVERY day EARTHDAY!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Theta Healing & Mother Meera

Flower 0f Hearts - by Anne VisThis last weekend I attended the Theta Healing advanced level workshop. As I arrived I was just recovering from a severe migraine and I was dehydrated, nauseous and with a bad headache. It was not the first time in the last thirty years that I have attended a class or visited a healer in this condition. However, I rarely found myself in a way better state after that. So this time it was a tremendous relief to actually experience a great healing! ;-)

I think this workshop worked so powerfully for me because we were working almost the entire weekend on the emotional body. I have noticed that stagnation in the emotional body oftentimes is the cause of physical illness. Even when looking at belief systems, it is the underlying energy pattern that creates the disharmony and this often resides either in the emotional or physical body, the belief merely being the handle to get to it. Of course this is not what is taught in the class and it also goes against all new age theories ... I am still exploring this, but so far I find little evidence that beliefs or thoughts create reality. They contribute in part and in best case scenario there is a mutual exchange between thoughts and existing emotional and physical energy patterns. To be continued! :-)

On Monday I went to see Mother Meera, who was in Berkeley. One of the great benefits of being in the Bay Area is that it is possible to see so many great teachers and avatars in person. I had never been to Mother Meera before and did not expect much in advance. A friend told me that Mother Meera unravels karmic knots. In vortexhealing® I supposedly am free of all karmic knots, so I am not sure if that is the reason I did not experience anything noticeable or that the energies are too subtle for me to perceive anything at all. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of karmic knots: they are denser condensations of energy that have build up over many lifetimes and tend to cause these repeating unwanted situations in your life ... They are said to be mainly situated along the spine.

Artwork: Flower of hearts by Anne Vis

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Inspiration - by Anne Vis
Recently I started working with an optometrist to improve my distant vision.
Orthokeratology works with lenses that are worn during the night while you sleep. They reshape the eyeball so that the light is refracted in a different way in your eye.
Apart from that there is an exercise program as well as additional vitamins that enhance the health of the eyes.

So far I have only started the lenses for the night. Having never worn lenses, it turned out to be quite an adventure to get them out the first time. It took me quite a while, but happily my friend had a plunger and put up one foot on my chest ... well, you get the picture! :-)
My eyesight has already improved for more than 50% and I have only been wearing the lenses for a few nights, not started on the exercises yet.

I had tried several different alternative healing methods before embarking on this path, but none of them gave any noticeable improvement.
I have the impression that working on the computer a lot is deteriorating eye sight, even though an eye doctor a few years ago insisted that is not possible ...
Wonder what your experiences are?

I hope to also work with Theta healing on my eyes in the near future, will keep you posted ... :-)

Inspiration - by Anne Vis

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Positive thinking harmful?

Awakening - by Anne VisYesterday I attended a (group)healing in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco by Panache Desai. I did not know anything about him and had no idea what would be happening, but as usual Knor was curious, so there we were! ;-)

The experience was intense. It was requiring surrender to what was happening as well. There was a smaller group than I expected and we were all led to lay down as Panache was gently touching the area of the higher heart. I could feel that touch for about 15 minutes after he had touched me there, it was a very interesting sensation. The entire healing lasted for almost two hours and I felt a lot better afterwards. (my body lately has been doing other things than I would like it to ... )

In the questions afterwards the issue of creating your own life came up (yes again!). Panache had some interesting ideas about what life on planet earth would be like if our thoughts would be creating our reality ... I bet you can also imagine what that would look like ... He said we do not create our own reality. I know this goes against all New Age theories, but honestly I think he is absolutely right.
I am reading a book by a medical intuitive, Christel Nani, called Diary of a Medical Intuitive, which I highly recommend. She goes even further and states that positive thinking is harmful if you do not believe what you "think" and suppress your real truth.

I find it a very relaxing thought to consider that all is well on planet earth, even though it does not appear to be so. Pain is part of life and all is well. It fits in with Byron Katie's description of her reality in A thousand names for joy. I am not there yet, but it sounds like this way of approaching life gives more joy and happiness than fighting reality ...

Artwork: "
Awakening" by Anne Vis