Sunday, March 1, 2009

Positive thinking harmful?

Awakening - by Anne VisYesterday I attended a (group)healing in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco by Panache Desai. I did not know anything about him and had no idea what would be happening, but as usual Knor was curious, so there we were! ;-)

The experience was intense. It was requiring surrender to what was happening as well. There was a smaller group than I expected and we were all led to lay down as Panache was gently touching the area of the higher heart. I could feel that touch for about 15 minutes after he had touched me there, it was a very interesting sensation. The entire healing lasted for almost two hours and I felt a lot better afterwards. (my body lately has been doing other things than I would like it to ... )

In the questions afterwards the issue of creating your own life came up (yes again!). Panache had some interesting ideas about what life on planet earth would be like if our thoughts would be creating our reality ... I bet you can also imagine what that would look like ... He said we do not create our own reality. I know this goes against all New Age theories, but honestly I think he is absolutely right.
I am reading a book by a medical intuitive, Christel Nani, called Diary of a Medical Intuitive, which I highly recommend. She goes even further and states that positive thinking is harmful if you do not believe what you "think" and suppress your real truth.

I find it a very relaxing thought to consider that all is well on planet earth, even though it does not appear to be so. Pain is part of life and all is well. It fits in with Byron Katie's description of her reality in A thousand names for joy. I am not there yet, but it sounds like this way of approaching life gives more joy and happiness than fighting reality ...

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Awakening" by Anne Vis


Gattina said...

The problem is that the majority of people don't have enough time for that. Work, family and children eats them up. Now that I am retired and have nothing else to do then enjoy life and take care of myself I feel good I never felt as happy and good as now.

Anne Vis said...

Time for what, Gattina? Relaxing into reality is not something that requires time?

nobu said...

Lovely lights in this image.

Chuck Pefley said...

A very thought provoking post ... and does warrant more thinking ....... thanks

Sandy said...

I SO agree with this. I was into new age way before it was in style...way back in the early 70's..thought I knew all about creating reality. Then through the path I took I found's best to put the oars in the boat and stop trying to steer it...anyway, I really enjoyed this post. I have to come back and read more of your blog..

Sheryl Karas said...

I don't know what I think about the "creating your own reality" stuff. I do see evidence every day that we can and do do that! BUT we sure don't do it by ourselves! We're in community and what gets created isn't all us!

Also, what we can create and how fast it takes to create it, etc. has a lot to do with how it interacts with the intentions and creations of everyone else. And whether it's really what we want on another level, etc.

But I DO agree that relaxing with the perfection of all that is -- even when it doesn't feel too perfect for us in the present -- is a great way to receive the gift of what we have and relax about things. It's way easier than fighting what's happening all the time!

Great blog, Anne. Lots of food for thought here. Thanks for sharing it!
And thanks for visiting mine so I could find yours! I'll be following you now, too.

Sheryl Karas

Sheryl Karas said...

I love what Sandy said about it being best to put the oars back in the boat and stop trying to steer it! By thinking we know what's best for us and for everyone else sometimes we actually miss the boat!

I've been trying ...almost too hard ;-)... to balance letting go with creation. Allowing things to be as they are...that's a missing piece for us "change the world and get things done" types! Really interesting post!

Sheryl Karas