Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Theta Healing & Mother Meera

Flower 0f Hearts - by Anne VisThis last weekend I attended the Theta Healing advanced level workshop. As I arrived I was just recovering from a severe migraine and I was dehydrated, nauseous and with a bad headache. It was not the first time in the last thirty years that I have attended a class or visited a healer in this condition. However, I rarely found myself in a way better state after that. So this time it was a tremendous relief to actually experience a great healing! ;-)

I think this workshop worked so powerfully for me because we were working almost the entire weekend on the emotional body. I have noticed that stagnation in the emotional body oftentimes is the cause of physical illness. Even when looking at belief systems, it is the underlying energy pattern that creates the disharmony and this often resides either in the emotional or physical body, the belief merely being the handle to get to it. Of course this is not what is taught in the class and it also goes against all new age theories ... I am still exploring this, but so far I find little evidence that beliefs or thoughts create reality. They contribute in part and in best case scenario there is a mutual exchange between thoughts and existing emotional and physical energy patterns. To be continued! :-)

On Monday I went to see Mother Meera, who was in Berkeley. One of the great benefits of being in the Bay Area is that it is possible to see so many great teachers and avatars in person. I had never been to Mother Meera before and did not expect much in advance. A friend told me that Mother Meera unravels karmic knots. In vortexhealing® I supposedly am free of all karmic knots, so I am not sure if that is the reason I did not experience anything noticeable or that the energies are too subtle for me to perceive anything at all. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of karmic knots: they are denser condensations of energy that have build up over many lifetimes and tend to cause these repeating unwanted situations in your life ... They are said to be mainly situated along the spine.

Artwork: Flower of hearts by Anne Vis


Sandy said...

I LOVed reading this. I have read of Mother Meera before and find her fascinating. Also to read about your other adventure ...so interesting. I use to study a lot on mind/body health and metaphysics. I still read some but use to everyday and would meditate. I remember first coming across Deepak Chopra back in the early 80's i think...and LouIse Hay..and I could go on and on.

Anyway, that's a beautiful image. I'm sure glad you still have your blog.

Martin said...

Hello, a dear friend is now into Theta Healing, and I have some concerns about it. They are best described by others here:


Secondly, if my understanding is correct, anyone can become a certified practitioner by taking a 3-day course. This seems ridiculous to me.

I’m hoping you can respond to these items. Thank you.

Anne Vis said...

Thanks Sandy and Martin for your comments!
About your concerns regarding theta healing, Martin.
You have probably noticed that I do not advertise as a theta healer. There are actually many reasons for that and I may go into it in a seperate post some time.
The time frame of the course is not unusual, actually most classes for healing are very brief and as many of the people who follow them have a background in therapy and counseling, it does not diminish the technique. However, it may be better if these trainings put some requirements in place for the people who attend.
I do not see the "Creator" as an evil entity, so I would not be concerned about that.
My personal preference is working with Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection, for more information you can visit www.annevis.com
Thanks again!