Friday, April 3, 2009

FEATURED again!!! :-)

Tropical EveningThis morning brought a nice surprise: my artwork is featured again on Imagekind! :-)

(This is link goes to
Imagekind homepage and this one to the featured work).

I'd also like to point out an interesting book that I found yesterday and browsed through:
Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain. It reviews art from the point of physics. I am very interested in surreal art, especially the art by Dalí. Dalí read a lot about physics and had a profound scientific interest.
With string theory a new understanding of the working of our brains becomes evident and Dalí must have understood this already on another level. It comes with holographic imaging,
translated by Dalí in 3D ...


Susanne49 said...

Congratulations Anne! Your art work is beautiful!

Finally I'm able to visit your blog again - thanks to finally good connections - and sorry for the long absence! Traveling and driving sometimes almost 8 hours a day is very tiring and often I just don't feel like sitting on my laptop at all. I know it's sounds like an excuse, but it is not! :))

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Bob Johnson said...

Wow, that is too cool Anne, and congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is very wonderful and unique Anne! I hope you continue to get featured. Your work should be seen by many. Lovely.

Sandy said...

This image is beautiful. I enjoyed reading you...