Monday, July 13, 2009

Change ... a new store!

An ocean of love - greeting card design by Anne VisIn the near future I will close the CafePress store (where I host greeting cards and other products).
CafePress decided to literally "starve" their artists, with first drastically cutting commissions and now even refusing to pay me at all (the current situation is that I pay them instead!) ... I will probably never get rich from my art (or even earn a living for that matter), but this is just too much ... time for a change!

I already had a shop on
Zazzle and will be uploading more new designs there in the coming weeks.
The entire operation requires an enormous amount of work, so please bear with us!
The Zazzle site has improved quite a bit since a year ago, so
Knor and I are confident our clients will have a pleasant experience in the new store!

The transfer of work to another computer seems to have damaged a lot of files, so several designs will not return in the
new store (we'll create new ones! :-)))
We hope to welcome you soon to see the new sections grow and new creations added! :-)

The card above is an anniversary card which is brand new! :-)


Charlotte Rossmann said...

I'm so sorry it worked out that way for you. It's sad that so many people want to rip off artists. It's all about someone taking from us. Too bad. Thank you for your support and comments. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I just read something on Time or New York Times about people making money blogging and how some do make enormous amounts of money doing a blog but not the way most of us do it. They never mentioned making money by opening a shop or how good that works out.

I wish you luck.

Thank you very much for visiting my birds blog and for the comment you left me there.
My Birds Blog

Sheryl Karas said...

Anne, I'm wanting to create a Flower and Spirit giftshop in connection with my flower essence healing work. I'll be featuring my own work and Paul's, too. But would love to include wonderful flower art that's different from what we do. Would you mind if we did affiliate links to you?