Saturday, July 18, 2009

Debunking New Age myths ...

Romantic Postage - by Anne VisAfter all the scientific evidence that coffee is good for you and that alcohol (in moderation) can actually help heal Alzheimer (and lets not forget all the good stuff happening when we eat chocolate ... :-))), I found another interesting article that shakes our firm New Age belief system.

This time it is about counting your blessings and being grateful.
According to an
article in Scientific American the entire concept of gratitude pales in comparison to imagining what would happen if good things would NOT have happened. The theory would be that it would spark curiosity! Is it surprise and curiosity that makes us happy?
Of course my muse
Knor knows everything about curiosity: after all there is this saying that "curiosity killed the cat". :-)
She seems to be faring well being curious though: always a smile on her face! :-)

Also in the news:
DNA is not the same in every organ! This would pull the entire base from underneath the theta healing. Theta healing states there is a "master cell" that determines all of the DNA in the body ... well: maybe not!

It looks like everything is just a little bit more complicated than the New Age theories state ... which sparks curiosity as we continue to explore truth ... with a smile! :-)

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Sheryl Karas said...

I used to stay away from coffee as if it was poison. Then I met my partner Paul who is a true coffee geek -- roasts his own, used to make the best espresso a person could imagine. Now, unfortunately, espresso seems to have wrecked his stomach...hence, the New Age "I told you so" I can imagine coming from all corners. But not so fast! His new way of brewing coffee -- the amazingly simple way of adding hot water to the grounds and then pouring the liquid through a strainer and into his cup -- does not upset his stomach! And get this, if I drink a half cup of coffee or a full cup of cafe au lait (half milk) it calms me down! Especially if I leave out the sugar. That's kind of weird but I know other people who get the shakes by drinking too much coffee who get the opposite effect by not drinking so much.It's a matter of cause and effect. Why are you drinking it? How much do you drink?