Friday, July 24, 2009

Muscle Testing

Heart - by Anne VisYesterday I was talking with a woman who told me she had her "therapist" test if she should follow a certain (other) therapy.
When people talk about "testing" they usually refer to muscle tests, also called applied kinesiology or touch for health.
It is used for a wide range of topics, like "is this food good for me?" instead of just following the natural appetite and trust that all that you eat will be for the best of your health. (I always tend to think that anything eaten with appetite will stimulate the juices and be digested properly with optimal intake of all nutrients).
Of course the mental attitude of both the person tested and the person performing the test will influence the end result.
Hence the woman mentioned above received a big "no" to her question whether she should follow an alternative treatment. (A question of course she could have asked herself instead of someone else).
Coffee is also a famous one. Usually tests negative because of all the "goat wool socks" prejudices. :-)

You get my point:
these muscle tests are totally unreliable.
Yet they are being used by a host of different healers from all sorts of healing methods. The latest seems to be
NMT. It is presented as a new "method", but personally I haven't heard anything that is different from kinesiology or touch for health, which have been around for decades ...

Also theta healing works with muscle tests.
I recently had a lot of people ask me about theta healing. I have taken the full training and can call myself an advanced theta healer. Yet I do not advertise it as such. One of the reasons is that I do not want to use muscle tests.

There are many ways to get answers to questions.
The first and most valuable in my view is common sense.
Another way to get answers can be by using your intuition. For some people that can be feeling, for others seeing or an instant "knowing" ...
Following your bliss is usually the best path to travel ... the answers will present naturally ...

Art: "Heart" - by Anne Vis


noreen said...

I agree that muscle testing can be biased by the users and needs to be used without expectations if at all possible; I wouldn't discount it altogether though - a lot of people just aren't used to listening for - and to - their intuition. It can be a very useful tool to help them tap into their subconscious as long as it is used with care and bearing in mind the limitations above... :)

Anonymous said...

I learn more and more each day. I wonder if we lived 969 years how much smarter we would be than we are now?

I enjoyed the post. And thanks for visiting My Birds Blog.