Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay Pride

Reflected Light - by Anne VisEvery first Saturday in August Amsterdam is in party spirit: the annual Gay Pride, a parade of colorful decorated boats with loud music brightens up the canals.
The main topic is the liberation of the gays and their right to express themselves. Unfortunately this is still a topic demanding attention as just a few weeks ago the organizer of the festival experienced as he was beaten up by anti-gays.
I live along a canal that is a big traffic route for boats, always lively and busy and on a day like this I can hear the boats coming from afar. It struck me that they were playing the music of Michael Jackson. Although I don't get that Michael was gay, he had, from an astrologic point of view, a prominent Uranus. Uranus is about being "strange" or eccentric, and in that respect it is also the planet of the gay. Uranus is provocative as well and I was talking about the violence against gays with somebody who pointed out that they were provoking ... Dah???!!! I think some people have a natural extravagance, they just express themselves very colorfully (which of course does not refer to all gays). Since when does that give others the right to start beating? This is exactly where this parade is about: the right to express, however weird that may be in other's eyes.
Given the thousands of people attracted to this event, it seems to me that many enjoy the fun and color the gay community brings into our lives ... (pictures below were taken hours before the parade would start ...)
Note also that Madonna is born just a few weeks after Michael Jackson and how the topic of being "different" and provocative goes for both of them ...

Another point of course being made, deals with being a man or a woman and relationships. I just finished reading a brilliant book by
Norah Vincent, called "Self-made man: one woman's journey into manhood and back again". Norah is a lesbian woman who goes undercover as a man to experience what it really means to be a man.
I must say I have a lot of respect for her, her courage is just unbelievable. She goes into all sorts of adventures and has excellent insight into what is going on in different situations.
After her experience she has gained a new understanding of what drives men and the pain and difficulties hidden under the surface. In this respect it is very interesting to note how different we all behave towards men vs women. And how these patterns determine so much of who we are ...


Susanne49 said...

Very nice post, Anne! I envy you to be living on one of the canals in Amsterdam :)

Have a good time there!

P.S. thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog :)

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Bob Johnson said...

Hey Anne, very cool you live along a canal, great pictures and very interesting post indeed.

Sandy said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your point of view here. Beautiful photo...