Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A New Baby-Boom!

Baby Girl Card - by Anne VisThere is a real baby boom going on in western countries.
Which is food for thought.
One can wonder why people would want to put children in a world that is so polluted and crowded and has so much aggression. It seemed that for a while people realized this, although visiting any high school with children in puberty may also have done the trick ... :-)

For those of us who care about the environment, it is just mind boggling: already during pregnancy a woman pollutes about 500 times more hormones than at other times, not to mention all the pollution caused by just a single individual during an entire lifetime.
I heard a "soon-to-be-father" say he was fertilizing planet earth ... but doesn't it look more like humans are infesting planet earth instead, like parasites?

Obviously people who choose to have children, have a completely different train of thoughts. In new age circles it is said that all new beings coming to earth now have a very high energy vibration and will help all of us heal.
As we see several children having severe problems and ending up in criminality, it is pretty clear that from wherever they came, they are having trouble being here in our 3D world.
I think we'd better clean up our act now and make sure these new beings will be received warmly and safely, so that they will be able to indeed let their light shine in this world.

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Bob Johnson said...

Hey Anne, they are just now allowing the Chinese people in certain provinces to have a second child, beyond me , when I was there it seemed liked there wasn't enough room and resources for the people they have already.