Monday, September 21, 2009

Peace - also for the Palestinians

Magical Summer NightToday is World Peace Day. Of course the biggest obstacle to peace is the continuation of atrocities by the zionist regime. (and we know they do not remain limited to the Middle East ...)
To me it is absolutely unacceptable that the holocaust is continuing, making daily life for Palestinians hell. And incomprehensible that those who are in power and have a mouth full of how horrible the holocaust "was", do nothing to stop it.

This week there are many actions worldwide for ordinary citizens to contribute to real on-the-ground peace.
In the Netherlands there are boycott actions, organized by the
Dutch Palestine organization. Visit the calendar here.
Did you know that the barcode, as indicated on the products we buy in the stores, and is different per country, is 729 for the israeli territories? Keep an eye on it when you buy your groceries!

Meantime I keep working on peaceful art ...:-)
I put up a
new gallery on Imagekind, which has a new look and feel compared to the previous one. You're welcome to visit! :-)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your artwork.

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ruma2008 said...

Hello, Anne Vis. Thank you for visiting my blog. Please enjoy the history and the scenery of the Far East. Thank you for becoming a follower.ruma

Sandy said...

Wow, this image is beautiful!

Beatrice V said...

Hello Anne, you have a beautiful site here. I am here by the oddest concidence: passing by Ruma's blog to leave a comment, I landed just under your own comment... We have the same surname!