Monday, October 19, 2009

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam

The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam - original cat calendar by Anne VisToday is another black day in Dutch history.
This morning I happened to be in the court building where at that moment one of the Dutch banks was declared bankrupt.
While in Amsterdam-South-East the bullets are flying around your ears as people are killing each other, the government seems to be killing businesses that they don't like for whatever obscure reason.
The story can be read as a thriller: almost every day in the past weeks a piece of the puzzle was revealed. Something definitely went wrong with the minister of finance, the National Dutch Bank, this guy Lakeman ... and why did one of the newspapers suddenly publish supposedly secret negotiations?

It started with dubious products that this bank was delivering. Nobody was mentioning that all the other banks were doing exactly the same. The only difference being that the owner of this bank is a self made man: he made his fortune from scratch. A severe sin in this country, where you are not supposed to be successful ... or else ... This man was not a member of the "old boys network" ...
Maybe the coming weeks will reveal new details about this case, but I sure hope that justice will be done. Probably wishful thinking.

Meantime on the television a program that explained how all multinationals operating from the Netherlands do not pay tax, costing the regular working guys (read: us) 18 billion euros a year. I think the minister of finance has something serious to explain.

And what has
Knor here to do with all that?
Well ... while we were horrified about all the new developments, our furry purry friends continued their healing work in the streets of Amsterdam, sending their unconditional love to anyone needing it ... :-)
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The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam! :-)


Susanne49 said...

Hi Anne,

your Cat Calendar is beautiful! And your post is great!

That problem is actual not just in your country, it's everywhere! The Gov is stopping honest people to make honestly money everywhere, because they feel they will be not enough in power anymore... it's an old sad story!!! Humans never learn and bad characters never change! It's a shame!

Thank you for your kind comment!

Sue's Daily Photography

Anne Vis said...

Thanks so much, Susanne!