Friday, October 23, 2009

Remarkable ...

Bookmarks by Anne VisAs in the outside world many things happen that really cannot face daylight, I am always pleased to be able to withdraw in the magical world of art and healing.
I am so happy to be able to create new work again, after weeks of computer problems. I want to give my thumbs up here for LG: I called them that my monitor was so dark and I could not get it to work properly any more. I expected some instructions or suggestions, but they said: no worries, we'll just give you a new one! The next day somebody came to my house to replace the monitor! This was after I had the monitor for over two years. I wish I could say the same from the other companies I had to deal with over the last couple of weeks ... (black marks for Medion and Adobe!)
Especially in the midst of challenges and things not going the way you would like them, such a wonderful service or gesture can make a world of difference.
I also want to give a thumbs up for the local bicycle repair shop (Wittenstraat Amsterdam). After kids or vandals had stolen part of my bicycle wheels, I had flat tires. The shop owner replaced the missing parts instantly and at no charge!
Thanks so much people who make this world a better place!

The images above are a few of my new series of
bookmarks, available in Sunny Sites Online Art Store.


Susanne49 said...

Very nice and lovely, indeed!
And to have no bicycle in Amsterdam is like having no car in USA,right?:)


Sandy said...

How nice they gave you a new one, that doesn't happen often I imagine.