Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A New Vision

A New Vision - by Anne VisSometimes I like to experiment, as you can see here ... :-)
I think it is also what is needed for all of us in general: a fresh way to look at things and a creative mind to come up with solutions for our challenges.

A Holiday is an interruption of daily routine and in that respect a great opportunity to receive inspiration ...

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

We still have a big sale going on in
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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Living Matrix

The Time Machine - by Anne VisI knew that Eric Pearl is in Amsterdam now, but I only found out at the last moment that yesterday was also the Dutch premiere of The Living Matrix. And this was accompanied by a panel discussion with Lynne McTaggart, Greg Becker (the movie maker), Rupert Sheldrake (watch the cat movie on Rupert's website! :-))) and Eric Pearl.

There is a whole lot of talking going on in this movie and it resembles the Secret. There is less of the "think yourself happy" stuff and that is a bonus, as most of us now have discovered that changing your thinking does not work.
The new healing is about adding the right information or frequencies to the local field of the individual.
During the panel discussion Eric Pearl was stealing the show. He has brilliant insights that unravel delusion from truth and he is very funny as well.
One of the questions from the audience involved a very calvinistic and in the Netherlands very common theme: "We need to "learn" from the disease so it has to stay until we have learned that lesson." Eric Pearl notes that you are limiting yourself a great deal with this attitude and that you can get "your lessons" on levels that are beyond your awareness.
This matched nicely with an experience I had this past weekend during the vortexhealing® class. I had at some point the feeling like nothing was happening as I was channeling a healing. One of the teachers looked into that (he is very clairvoyant) and said that I was actually very effective, but that the healing took place on another level beyond what I was looking at.
That all does not mean not to continue looking for ways to heal on all levels, as Lynne McTaggart pointed out: not every way of healing is for everyone.
I continue to offer Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® as so far I have found these to be the most powerful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Magical Earth ...

Where Fairies Dwell - by Anne VisThis past weekend there was an Earthshift class with vortexhealing® in London. Knor had been begging for weeks we go there, since she wanted to play with the fairies! :-)
The purpose of the class was to clear Gaia of the film of human consciousness that was covering her. This film made it difficult to get a real connection to nature. Now that it is gone everyone should be able to get a more direct and natural connection to trees, plants, animals and even buildings!
So I wonder if you can feel that, let me know!

We got a device installed in our third eye to be able to see with fairies' eyes.
In my case this resulted more in hearing giggling and rustling of leaves as well as pieces of music drifting in and out ... quite magical indeed ...

The artwork you can see here is called "
Where Fairies Dwell ..." and is as of today available in our online gallery.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Smiling ... :-)

Happiness binder - design by Anne VisWhen I see a knor behind a window (you can see pictures on the calendar The girls of pleasure in Amsterdam), I usually stop for a chat. So yesterday I was talking with one of the lovely knors here in the street, when someone patted me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw my neighbors, who asked me something. As I was talking with them I suddenly heard a loud banging against the window: knor slapping her pawsjes against the glass and demanding attention NOW! :-) It was so hilarious, and as soon as I started patting her (virtually) she snoozed up against the window ... So sweet! :-)))

I created designs for binders. There are three now, also one with seashells and one with music. You can find them in the
new products section of our online art store.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inspired by fairies ...

Golden Heart - by Anne VisThe Holidays are coming up again. For most artists this means creating Christmas designs and putting more effort in promotion. (I just published my art newsletter)
I rarely start an artwork with the end result in mind: I start and then the art decides what is going to be created. So if it turns out to be suitable for the Holidays, like the one you can see here, that's good luck! :-)
Lately my inner flow seems to be more influenced by fairies.
In my healing work I recently had a client who had strong ties to the fairy world and even the looks of a fairy. And sure enough the entire week all clients were telling me that they were seeing fairies during the healings!
Fairies take care of planet earth and are beautiful light beings, although they can be very naughty (:-)).
Knor loves to play with them! :-) It is interesting that they appear around me, living in the heart of a city with hardly any nature around at all! In the coming weeks I have planned several activities focused on the connection to earth, so it will be interesting to see how that will develop.
This coming week the 11:11:11 stargate will be opened, which is going to be a powerful event according to many
channels. Traditionally in the Netherlands November 11 used to be St. Maarten, a day to let the light chase away evil spirits. It is now more or less replaced by Halloween. I think the fairies here like some older traditions, so November 11 may hold some magical surprises indeed ...