Friday, November 20, 2009

The Living Matrix

The Time Machine - by Anne VisI knew that Eric Pearl is in Amsterdam now, but I only found out at the last moment that yesterday was also the Dutch premiere of The Living Matrix. And this was accompanied by a panel discussion with Lynne McTaggart, Greg Becker (the movie maker), Rupert Sheldrake (watch the cat movie on Rupert's website! :-))) and Eric Pearl.

There is a whole lot of talking going on in this movie and it resembles the Secret. There is less of the "think yourself happy" stuff and that is a bonus, as most of us now have discovered that changing your thinking does not work.
The new healing is about adding the right information or frequencies to the local field of the individual.
During the panel discussion Eric Pearl was stealing the show. He has brilliant insights that unravel delusion from truth and he is very funny as well.
One of the questions from the audience involved a very calvinistic and in the Netherlands very common theme: "We need to "learn" from the disease so it has to stay until we have learned that lesson." Eric Pearl notes that you are limiting yourself a great deal with this attitude and that you can get "your lessons" on levels that are beyond your awareness.
This matched nicely with an experience I had this past weekend during the vortexhealing® class. I had at some point the feeling like nothing was happening as I was channeling a healing. One of the teachers looked into that (he is very clairvoyant) and said that I was actually very effective, but that the healing took place on another level beyond what I was looking at.
That all does not mean not to continue looking for ways to heal on all levels, as Lynne McTaggart pointed out: not every way of healing is for everyone.
I continue to offer Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® as so far I have found these to be the most powerful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links. I have long been fascinated by the work of Rupert Sheldrake. Also - I agree with what you say about healing taking place on another level (or in a another dimension?) because as healer I too have felt as though nothing was happening when clearly it was. Sometimes too my hands feel as though they are melting with the heat - and the recipient feels nothing!

Anne Vis said...

Thanks for your comment, so true!
Eric says that the healing always takes place, even if we as a healer and/or the recipient do not feel anything. Since I started with the Reconnection I have always felt something happening in my hands, although at some locations around the client's body the feelings may be stronger than at other points. This is to me a pointer as to where I need to be with my hands.